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Good news for oil

Stephen Beard | Oct 20, 2005
Relief that hurricane Wilma won't be heading toward the oil fields hit by Katrina and Rita pushed oil prices below $62 a barrel in overseas trading today. Stephen Beard reports from London.

Goodbye rabbit ears

Amy Scott | Oct 20, 2005
Today the Senate Commerce Committee is expected to take up legislation that would move network TV transmissions from analog to digital. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Washington

Wilma heads for orange groves

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Oct 20, 2005
With Wilma expected to slam South Florida this weekend, Ashley Milne-Tyte checks in with the state's citrus industry, which was hard hit by last year's hurricane season.

Debt is bad, but that's not all

Stacey Vanek Smith | Oct 20, 2005
New York Fed President Timothy Geithner warned Wednesday that America's budget deficit could hamper future economic growth. But Stacey Vanek Smith reports that there's more to the story.
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Small biz contracts

Alisa Roth | Oct 20, 2005
Today House Democrats are expected to release a report evaluating the efforts of 22 federal agencies to contract with small business to help in Katrina recovery. Alisa Roth reports.
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Publishers sue Google

Tess Vigeland | Oct 20, 2005
On the heels of a lawsuit by authors over copyright infringement, 5 major publishing companies filed a similar suit Wednesday over Google's plans to scan and index book passages. Tess Vigeland reports.

India welcomes Cisco

Miranda Kennedy | Oct 20, 2005
Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers is in India this week. He's expected to announce plans to invest $1 billion in new manufacturing facilities. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Wilma packs a wallop

| Oct 19, 2005
Today hurricane Wilma became the most powerful storm ever, and it's heading toward Florida. And disaster officials are still regrouping from Katrina and Rita. Can they get it together by the weekend? Cheryl Glaser reports.
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Tort reform, aka cheeseburgers and guns

John Dimsdale | Oct 19, 2005
Today the House passed the "cheeseburger bill," limiting lawsuits against fast food. Up tomorrow: a bill to shield gunmakers from certain liabilities. John Dimsdale explains.
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Cash bonuses for Washington brides

| Oct 19, 2005
In the fine print of one huge spending bill this week the Senate will consider bonuses for low-income couples in Washington who get married. From the Work and Family desk, Hillary Wicai has the story.