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Now boarding: Extra charges

| Mar 8, 2006
Travel commentator Rudy Maxa blows the whistle on efforts by airlines to conceal the amount of fees and surcharges tacked onto airfares until just before purchase.

This download brought to you by . . . .

Tess Vigeland | Mar 8, 2006
Would you be willing to sit through paid advertising to get video downloads for free? According to a new survey, nearly three-quarters of respondents said they would. As Tess Vigeland reports, such sentiment could be a boon for Apple's video iPod.

Hedge fund disappearing act

Bob Moon | Mar 8, 2006
A hearing is scheduled today into allegations that an Atlanta-based hedge fund defrauded clients who invested hundreds of millions of dollars. But the lead defendant and the money are nowhere to be found. Bob Moon has more.
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Renewables bonanza

Sam Eaton | Mar 8, 2006
If oil prices stay high, sales of renewable energy could jump fourfold in the next decade to nearly $170 billion, according to newly released research. Sam Eaton reports.

The next tech wave

Janet Babin | Mar 8, 2006
You say you want a revolution . . . in technology. Well, you might not have to wait long. Thousands of tech visionaries gather in Germany today to introduce new breakthroughs in electronic gadgets. How about high definition TV on your cell phone? Janet Babin has more.

OPEC meeting

John Dimsdale | Mar 8, 2006
OPEC ministers gather in Vienna today to discuss future petroleum production. As John Dimsdale reports, the buzzwords at this meeting will be "political stability."

A Volunteer's Worth

| Mar 8, 2006
Time really is money. In an effort to evaluate the level of community support charities receive, a new calculation puts the value of a volunteer hour at $18.04. Hillary Wicai has more.

Lufthansa under investigation

Stephen Beard | Mar 8, 2006
Lufthansa is one of the heavyweights of the air cargo business. It's second only to FedEx. Now the German airline's helping US prosecutors looking into alleged price fixing. Stephen Beard reports. Stephen Beard reports.

This land is <i>your</i> land?

Ruth Kirchner | Mar 8, 2006
China's Parliament was planning to pass a new property rights law during its annual session this week. But it looks like that's going to have to wait a little longer. Ruth Kirchner reports from Beijing.
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Take note of Treasuries

Alisa Roth | Mar 7, 2006
The yield on 10-year treasury notes has reached its highest level in almost two years. Why care? Those yields play into everything from inflation to how much you pay for your mortgage. Alisa Roth reports.