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Prescription drug plan

Helen Palmer | Dec 9, 2005
Roughly half of eligible seniors may not sign up for the government's new prescription drug program. Helen Palmer explains.
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What to do with Afghanistan's opium

| Dec 9, 2005
Commentator Maia Szalavitz argues Afghanistan's opium crop should be turned into legal pain medication.
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USA PATRIOT compromise

Amy Scott | Dec 9, 2005
House and Senate leaders have worked out a compromise to reauthorize provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act. Amy Scott looks at the business reaction.

Hong Kong prepares for WTO

Jocelyn Ford | Dec 9, 2005
Hong Kong gets ready to welcome 6,000 delegates for the upcoming World Trade Organization conference. China's capitalist stronghold is also getting ready for the protesters that are sure to follow. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Private space shuttles?

Bill Poorman | Dec 9, 2005
Once the Space Shuttle program is discontinued in 2010, NASA wants the private sector to take over deliveries of materiel and personnel to the International Space Station. Is the private sector ready? Bill Poorman reports.
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The Job Files: Christmas tree farmer

| Dec 9, 2005
Meet Christmas tree farmer Dan Goosen.

Unrest in China

Jocelyn Ford | Dec 9, 2005
Amnesty International says that this week, for the first time since Tiananmen killings in 1989, Chinese armed police have reportedly gunned down citizens with automatic weapons. Jocelyn Ford reports.

National healthcare... for some

Stephen Beard | Dec 9, 2005
Bad news for British people who are obese, or who drink and smoke heavily. They may soon be denied treatment by the state funded national health service. For London, Stephen Beard reports.
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Figuring out how the dream works

Dan Grech | Dec 9, 2005
The Wall Street Journal reports that Paramount is preparing a bid for Dreamworks. Another movie giant, Universal, is already in talks with Dreamworks. Let the bidding war begin! From WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech reports.

Reading the Tea Leaves

Sam Eaton | Dec 9, 2005
I have no return story to tell when it comes to China. Everything was new to me from the minute I walked down the runway and settled in for the 13...
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