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Enron trial continues

| Apr 24, 2006
Economist Eric Talley tells host Mark Austin Thomas that we should expect few fireworks from former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay's time on the witness stand.

It's Ken Lay's turn

Alisa Roth | Apr 24, 2006
Former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay takes the witness stand in the Enron fraud trial today. And as Alisa Roth reports, his main defense is likely to be: "I had no idea what was going on."

Custom made for India

Miranda Kennedy | Apr 24, 2006
Computer hardware and software makers are looking to cash in on India's non-English speaking market by offering products they can use in their own languages. Miranda Kennedy has more.

Table of contents brought to you by...

Amy Scott | Apr 24, 2006
You might find something unexpected when you open your issue of Time or People today — the table of contents. As Amy Scott reports, an advertiser paid big money to make it easy to find.

L'appel de Microsoft

Sarah Gardner | Apr 24, 2006
Software maker Microsoft goes before Europe's second highest court of appeals today to argue it didn't break European Union anti-trust laws. Sarah Gardner reports.

The new, natural 7UP

Alex Cohen | Apr 24, 2006
The Uncola is ditching sodium and chemical preservatives in an effort to attract health-conscious consumers, but will it be enough to revive slumping sales? Alex Cohen reports.
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Investment in non-profits

Helen Palmer | Apr 24, 2006
A new report says non-profits have a hard time landing major capital investment. Helen Palmer explains why.
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European highway merger

| Apr 24, 2006
Two of Europe's largest highway operators are trying to become one. The merger would be worth $17 billion and create the world's largest single operator of privately-owned paved roads. Alasdair Sandford reports.

China cozies up to Africa

Gretchen Wilson | Apr 24, 2006
Chinese President Hu Jintao is headed to Africa looking for oil. China's growing economy is increasingly dependent upon Africa's natural resources. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Hummer drivers can't get their fill

Lisa Napoli | Apr 21, 2006
Even with $75-a-barrel oil, a Hummer dealer says there's still demand for the massive SUVs. But how are soaring prices at the gas pump affecting others? Lisa Napoli reports.