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EU-OPEC meeting

Alisa Roth | Dec 2, 2005
Officials from the European Union sit down with OPEC representatives today to discuss ways to stabilize the world oil market. Alisa Roth reports.

Wal-Mart's image problem

Stacey Vanek Smith | Dec 2, 2005
The retail giant's efforts to improve its image don't appear to be working. A new survey shows 56% of respondents think Wal-Mart "is bad for America." Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

How safe is nanotechnology?

Janet Babin | Dec 2, 2005
A new Web site offers a clearinghouse of information for consumers concerned about the safety of nanotechnology. Janet Babin reports.
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| Dec 2, 2005
Looking to capitalize on new revenue streams, Microsoft is developing its own online classified site to compete with Craigslist. Jason Paur reports from Seattle.


Helen Palmer | Dec 2, 2005
Researchers are developing a new obesity treatment that would use nano-particles to trick the body into eating less. Helen Palmer reports.
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China's environmental chief resigns

Jocelyn Ford | Dec 2, 2005
Today the head of China's environmental protection administration resigned, three weeks after a chemical plant explosion in that country sent toxic benzene into the Songhua River. Beijing Bureau Chief Jocelyn Ford reports.

Venezuela nationalizes oil

Dan Grech | Dec 2, 2005
President Hugo Chavez is working hard to bring his country's oil industry under state control... and he's succeeding. Dan Grech reports.

Job cuts

| Dec 2, 2005
Cheryl Glaser talked to economists Ray Perryman and Hugh Johnson about the relationship between job numbers and layoffs.

Home loans for the holidays

John Dimsdale | Dec 1, 2005
Most homeowners who were forced to flee houses and jobs when Katrina hit were given a 3-month reprieve from mortgage payments. But time's up today, and John Dimsdale reports that for many, it's too soon.

Increased interest in Europe

Stephen Beard | Dec 1, 2005
The European Central Bank raised interest rates today by a quarter percent, to two and a quarter percent.No big deal? Well, for Europe it's the first increase in five years. From London, Stephen Beard reports.