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Hotels find room for extras

| Mar 22, 2006
Travel expert Rudy Maxa says luxury hotels are trying desperately to express their individuality and build customer loyalty.

Delphi, GM reach deals with UAW

Scott Jagow | Mar 22, 2006
Delphi said this morning that General Motors has agreed to buy out thousands of Delphi's hourly workers. Some will be offered a lump payment of $35,000 to retire. Up to 5,000 workers will be offered jobs at GM.

Water, water everywhere . . . in bottles

Lisa Napoli | Mar 22, 2006
A water-tasting challenge calls attention to the quality of bottled water and tap water while raising awareness about people in the world who don't have access to enough clean water. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Impact of class-action ruling

John Dimsdale | Mar 22, 2006
Stock-holders will no longer be able to bring class action lawsuits against companies in state courts. A unanimous Supreme Court closed the state-court door on groups of investors who feel companies deceived them into holding onto shares of stock too long. John Dimsdale reports.
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Screen Actors Guild considers strike

Tess Vigeland | Mar 22, 2006
Tonight, members of the Screen Actors Guild meet in New York to talk about a possible strike against television producers. The two sides are battling over how actors are paid for reruns of cable shows. Tess Vigeland reports.

Possible heart danger from ADHD drugs

Helen Palmer | Mar 22, 2006
An FDA panel says drugs that control attention deficit hyperactivity disorder -- Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta -- could be dangerous to the heart. Some 4 million Americans take them. Helen Palmer reports.
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No Vista in the holiday window

Dan Grech | Mar 22, 2006
Microsoft plans to delay sales of its new Windows Vista operating system until next year. The decision will have a big impact on retailers and other companies banking on holiday sales. Dan Grech reports.

China imposes consumption taxes

Jocelyn Ford | Mar 22, 2006
China appears to be getting more serious about the environment. Next month, the government will impose a 20% tax on gas-guzzling cars. There'll even be a charge on disposable chopsticks. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Apple and the French

Stephen Beard | Mar 22, 2006
Apple is getting into a melee with France. It says a proposed law concerning iPod music downloads smacks of state-sponsored piracy. Stephen Beard reports.

Bush meets the press

| Mar 21, 2006
We learned a couple of things about President Bush today during his press conference. One, he doesn't like to be interrupted. And two, he doesn't necessarily understand interest rates better than anybody else.
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