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E-commerce, China style

Nate DiMeo | Jan 18, 2006
Want a book, a movie, a coffeemaker? You can order it on, or any other of the myriad online shopping sites. But in China, it's not so easy. For one thing, almost no one uses credit cards. Nate DiMeo talks to a Chinese entrepreneur about the e-commerce site she runs ( to bring American consumer culture to China.

Protests over land in Southern China

Jocelyn Ford | Jan 18, 2006
Protests turned deadly yesterday as villagers in Southern China demonstrated against what they see as unfair compensation for land seizure by the government. Jocelyn Ford traveled to the area today. As she tells Kai Ryssdal, this protest is unique, partly because unlike many similar rural protests, these villagers are in a socio-economic position to make a difference.

Booming baby business in China

Jocelyn Ford | Jan 18, 2006
China's hinterland can be forbidding place to do business. Cities in the west are not very cosmopolitan, and they're not as comfortable for foreign executives. But being successful in this challenging environment is crucial to many companies. Babycare, a US chain of child-care centers, has become a champion at doing business in this environment. Jocelyn Ford found out how.

Reporting on China's Disenfranchised: The Great Land Grab

Jocelyn Ford | Jan 18, 2006
First thing this morning, the phone rang....
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Sneaky banking practices

| Jan 18, 2006
Commentator Robert Reich bemoans a surprising bank practice that's keeping him from accessing his money.

Mustaches for Kids

| Jan 18, 2006
Twenty-somethings have one of the lowest rates of charitable giving of any demographic group. Alex Goldmark reports on one group that's using facial hair to make fund raising hip.

Farmers protest in China

Jocelyn Ford and Scott Jagow | Jan 18, 2006
In China, Jocelyn Ford is on the scene in Zongshan, near farm protests that have rocked the country.

The 11th hour for UAL

Alisa Roth | Jan 18, 2006
United Airlines' parent company begins its last round of legal proceedings today before emerging from Chapter 11. Alisa Roth looks at how the newly restructured carrier should fare in today's commercial airline industry.

Supersizing shares of Mickey D's

Dan Grech | Jan 18, 2006
Hedge fund investor William Ackerman wants to boost MacDonald's share price by leveraging the value of the land that sits beneath each of its restaurants. He plans to take his vision to shareholders in a presentation today. Dan Grech reports.

Assisted suicide law

Sam Eaton | Jan 18, 2006
The Supreme Court has upheld Oregon's assisted suicide law. Critics worry the law will encourage poor patients to choose suicide rather than burden their families with expensive medical bills. But as Sam Eaton reports, that hasn't been the case in Oregon.