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In defense of piracy

| Jan 19, 2006
Counterfeit DVDs hit the streets just as the real thing hits movie theaters in the United States. The US government is putting pressure on the Chinese government to crack down on piracy. Chinese filmmaker Hao Wu says preventing piracy will change the Chinese landscape.

Expats in Shanghai

Nate DiMeo | Jan 19, 2006
More and more Westerners have made China their home, and they're changing the way cities like Shanghai do business. Nate DiMeo gives us a tour of the expat community in Shanghai.

Sea turtles

Jocelyn Ford | Jan 19, 2006
They're called "sea turtles" -- the growing number of Chinese-born entrepreneurs who have come back to China after years of living overseas. They're setting up businesses... and learning that it's a whole new world.

The fallout from Maryland's healthcare law

Scott Jagow | Jan 19, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell talks to host Scott Jagow about the ramifications of a new Maryland law that requires Wal-Mart to provide health coverage to its employees.

"Social entrepreneurship" - not an oxymoron

Lisa Napoli | Jan 19, 2006
Cheryl Dahl of the magazine 'Fast Company' discusses this year's top social entrepreneurs with host Lisa Napoli.
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The Vietnamese community in Biloxi rebuilds

Stephen Smith | Jan 19, 2006
The Vietnamese community in Katrina-ravaged Biloxi, Mississippi, draws on lessons from its past to get back on its feet. Stephen Smith of American RadioWorks reports.
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The IMF as currency police

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jan 19, 2006
US Treasury officials are preparing to unveil plans to increase the role of the International Monetary Fund in monitoring currencies. This comes in response to China's reluctance to increase the value of the yuan. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more.
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Meet the Moto Twins

Jocelyn Ford | Jan 19, 2006
Two college students who lit up the Chinese vlogosphere with videos of themselves lip-syncing songs by the Backstreet Boys have now become shills for Motorola. Jocelyn Ford has more.

When good brands go bad

Amy Scott | Jan 19, 2006
Daimler-Chrysler has already been fingered in the Iraq oil-for-food scandal. Now a German magazine reveals that company officials paid kickbacks to sell cars at inflated prices in Nigeria. How might these scandals affect the company's sales and impact its image? Amy Scott reports.

Tamiflu warning

Helen Palmer | Jan 19, 2006
Contradicting advice from the CDC, British researchers today warned people not to take Tamiflu for seasonal flu symptoms for fear indiscriminate use could give rise to a treatment-resistant flu strain that could trigger a pandemic. The warning comes at time when the US has already earmarked $1.8 billion to stockpile Tamiflu, and sales of the drug have sky-rocketed. Helen Palmer has more.
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