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The fight over fuel economy standards

John Dimsdale | May 2, 2006
Ten states sued the federal government today to strengthen gas mileage requirements for SUVs. John Dimsdale reports on what may be a major attack on the country's Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards.
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Who's paying for bird flu prep?

Hilary Wicai | May 2, 2006
The Bush administration has a plan to deal with a massive bird flu epidemic. But what role should the government play — and what costs should private business bear? Hillary Wicai reports.
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The sinking dollar

Amy Scott | May 2, 2006
Global investors are selling US dollars today. The greenback is close to one-year lows against the Euro and the Canadian dollar is at its highest level against the US currency in almost three decades. What gives? Amy Scott reports.
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Laptop theft

| May 2, 2006
Imagine someone steals a laptop from your bank or your phone company. It happens more than you might think, and that has some major identity theft and security consequences. Sean Cole reports.
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Desperate Networks

Kai Ryssdal | May 2, 2006
Will Katie Couric in a primetime news slot change the face of television? New York Times reporter and author Bill Carter says TV will be different in the next five years.

One Home, Two Nations: Mauricio and Nelly

Dan Grech | May 2, 2006
Marketplace Americas Correspondent Dan Grech continues the story of two friends born in El Salvador, now separated by the US border. Today, the story of their children.

The Sloan Sessions: Russia's oil

Scott Jagow | May 2, 2006
Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan talks to host Scott Jagow about plans by Russia's state-owned oil company to offer publicly traded shares.
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Shareholder activism

| May 2, 2006
Economist Eric Talley talks to host Mark Austin Thomas about what's driving the recent spate of shareholder revolts in Corporate America.
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Boycotts, protests... so now what?

Lisa Napoli | May 2, 2006
Lisa Napoli looks at the impact of Monday's nationwide business boycott, and what it could mean for the immigration debate going forward.

Mixed reviews on Lay's performance

Rachel Dornhelm | May 2, 2006
Former Enron Chairman Ken Lay is expected to wrap up testimony today in the Enron fraud trail. Rachel Dornhelm takes a look at whether he helped or hurt his case.