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It begins with a "K" and ends with an "A"

Tess Vigeland | Nov 4, 2005
It's earnings season, when companies scurry to come up with excuses for poor profits. What are many of those corporations blaming this year? It falls under Category 4. Tess Vigeland reports.

David Johnson is liking November so far

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 4, 2005
Kai Ryssdal talks with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about the numbers, job growth, and what it means to be a lame-duck Fed Chairman.

Going beyond the burqa

Miranda Kennedy | Nov 4, 2005
The burqa and headscarf are among the most visible and controversial symbols of Islam. Miranda Kennedy spent a day with an Afghan schoolteacher to find out how her life outside the burka has changed since the fall of the Taliban.

If you can't stand the heat...

| Nov 4, 2005
Think cooking school sounds like a great adventure? Celebrity chef and commentator Charlie Palmer, who trained at the Culinary Institute of America, says you might want to consider the less glamorous aspects of the career.

Resisting Retirement

John Dimsdale | Nov 4, 2005
Worried about not having enough to retire on? Working just a little bit longer may turn out to be a lot better. Marketplace's John Dimsdale reports.
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Controlling the TV pipeline

| Nov 4, 2005
Years back, cable replaced the networks as the top dog in TV. Now cable has serious competition — from phone companies. Nancy Marshall-Genzer reports.

New Orleans' sports outlook

| Nov 4, 2005
Michael Knisely discusses the future of the New Orleans Saints and Hornets sports teams with host Scott Jagow.

Random House 'n' Universal

Lisa Napoli | Nov 4, 2005
Host Lisa Napoli talks to Michael Speier about Random House's agreement with the movie studio Universal to turn books into movies.

Wal-Mart's PR yin and yang

Scott Tong | Nov 4, 2005
The world's largest retailer is locked in a pitched battle over its image; today, two new salvos will be fired: a critical documentary and a rosy economic report. Scott Tong has the story.

Bush heads south

Dan Grech | Nov 4, 2005
President Bush's heads to Argentina for the Americas Summit, although he'll be greeted by some criticism. Dan Grech reports.
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