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J&J mulls new Guidant offer

Helen Palmer | Jan 24, 2006
Johnson&Johnson is likely to escalate the bidding war over Guidant Technologies today. As Helen Palmer reports, the red-hot medical device market makes Guidant attractive, despite its liabilities.
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Brokerage partying

Amy Scott | Jan 24, 2006
"Dwarf tossing" competitions and racy bachelor parties -- sounds like fraternity entertainment at David Lynch U. But Amy Scott reports, it's happening at Wall Street brokerages, and regulators want it to stop.
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Environmental Performance Index

John Dimsdale | Jan 24, 2006
A group of researchers from Yale and Columbia has devised a scorecard to rate countries on how well they manage their environmental and natural resources. As John Dimsdale reports, the US lags behind most of the developed world.

Toyota seeks higher NASCAR profile

Bob Moon | Jan 24, 2006
The Japanese automaker has announced plans to enter its vehicles in NASCAR's elite Nextel and Busch series, currently dominated by the Chevy, Ford and Dodge brands. As Bob Moon reports, it's more about marketing than racing.

The new Canada

Steve McNally | Jan 24, 2006
Reporter Steve McNally sifts through the returns in Canada's national election to see whether the Conservative dream of lower taxes and greater defense spending has any chance in the new Parliament.
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Glamour in India

Miranda Kennedy | Jan 24, 2006
India's growing consumer class can now be up on the latest fashion news. Conde Nast has announced Vogue and Glamour will hit newsstands in India next year. Miranda Kennedy reports that the move is part of the Western publishing industry's initial forays into one of the world's last untapped markets.
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Vodaphone and Verizon

Stephen Beard | Jan 24, 2006
How much do you know about the British wireless phone giant Vodafone? Not much? Well, know this -- it's the world's biggest cell phone company by sales. And the reason Americans don't know that much about it is that stateside Vodafone co-owns Verizon Wireless. Today, Vodafone announced it had beaten expectations for customer and revenue growth. But the company angered some investors who want it to sell its stake in Verizon. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Ford's restructuring, aka plant closings and layoffs

Alisa Roth | Jan 23, 2006
30,000 people and 10 factories. Those are the steely numbers behind Ford Motor's announced restructuring today. The cuts are designed to end a $1.6 billion loss last year in North America. But as Alisa Roth reports, it may not be enough.

Mine safety hearings

Scott Tong | Jan 23, 2006
Federal lawmakers today focused on coal mining tragedies in West Virginia that have claimed 14 lives in the last three weeks. Scott Tong reports that there's talk of stiffer penalties and better enforcement of existing laws.

Hang on to your BlackBerry...

Tess Vigeland | Jan 23, 2006
The Supreme Court refused to get involved in the patent dispute over the popular BlackBerry wireless e-mail device. The justices sent the case back to a lower-level judge, who could shut off the service for millions of customers. Tess Vigeland reports.