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Sic transit gloria New York

Alisa Roth | Dec 20, 2005
New York transit workers walked off the job today, stranding 7 million bus and subway riders. Officials said the walkout could cost as much as $1.6 billion if it lasts a week. What will it cost residents? Alisa Roth reports.

Who pays for workers' retirement?

Amy Scott | Dec 20, 2005
The New York transit strike is resonating with the labor movement around the country. A key point involves the degree to which new employees should bear the burden of retirement costs. Amy Scott reports.

Visions of sugarplums

John Dimsdale | Dec 20, 2005
Next on the Senate's docket will be a $450 billion Pentagon spending bill. Holding up this bill is a last-minute amendment giving oil companies permission to drill in Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge. John Dimsdale reports.

Alaska wants its natural gas NOW

Scott Tong | Dec 20, 2005
There's a whole lotta natural gas in northern Alaska, and Exxon Mobil and BP are sitting on it. Yesterday, state authorities filed an antitrust suit against them for not selling it to consumers. Scott Tong reports.

Under the sheltering lie

| Dec 20, 2005
Lawmakers will be taking up capital gains and dividend tax breaks right after the New Year. The White House says lowering those taxes will create jobs and opportunity. Tax analyst and commentator Len Burman thinks not.
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A different kind of popular vote in Iraq

| Dec 20, 2005
The jury's still out on western-style democracy succeeding in Iraq, but western-style pop culture - with voting, no less - is thriving. Ben Gilbert reports on "Iraq Star," a Middle Eastern variation on "American Idol."

China growing bigger, faster

Jocelyn Ford | Dec 20, 2005
Today China fine-tuned the way it measures its economy. The new numbers make China's economy 17% bigger than we thought it was. It's growing faster than expected, too. Jocelyn Ford reports.

A hostile environment

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 20, 2005
A recent explosion at a chemical plant in Northeast China dumped 100 tons of benzene into the Songhua River. Which leads eventually to Russia. Which leads to an international incident. Jeremy Page, the Moscow correspondent for the Times of London, talks to Kai about it.
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You can't always get what you want

| Dec 20, 2005
Singer Michelle Shocked relates a poignant Christmas story about the dangers of getting mad when you think you're not going to get the gift you want...

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you...

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 20, 2005
There’s something about our China project that’s been bugging me for a while. And I couldn’t really put my finger on in it until one night in...
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