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No peace over US-UK extradition treaty

Stephen Beard | Jul 21, 2006
Stephen Beard reports on the growing controversy in Britain over the extradition treaty that was used to send three British bankers to Texas last week.
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Week on Wall Street

| Jul 21, 2006
Stockbroker David Johnson talks with host Kai Ryssdal about what happened this week in the markets and what may be in store.
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Comic-Con goes Hollywood

Ethan Lindsey | Jul 21, 2006
More than 140,000 people are expected to swarm a comic-book convention in San Diego this weeknd. In the crowd will be movie types looking for fresh characters and plotlines to put on screen. Ethan Lindsey reports.

Are you a rejuvenile?

| Jul 21, 2006
Author Christopher Noxon talks with Kai Ryssdal about how American adults nowadays are living in ways once thought to be strictly for the younger set. They're not stunted adolescents; they're something new — rejuveniles.

A case of Clean Air

Shia Levitt | Jul 21, 2006
Shia Levitt reports on a looming Supreme Court showdown between industry and environmentalists over a key provision of the Clean Air Act.
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Wanted: NFL Commissioner

Tess Vigeland | Jul 21, 2006
Host Tess Vigeland and business of sports expert David Carter look at the qualities the NFL is looking for in its next commissioner.
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Strikes against Lebanon continue

Tess Vigeland | Jul 21, 2006
Israeli prime minister says his army's offensive in Lebanon will last "as long as necessary." Financial Times reporter Ferry Biedermann is in Beirut and says critical infrastructure is simply wiped out.
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Leaving Lebanon

| Jul 21, 2006
As Israeli warplanes are pound Lebanon for a 10th straight day, thousands of refugees — both Americans and foreigners — are pouring out of the country. Wall Street Journal reporter Jay Solomon's been covering the story in Beirut.
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Can NatWest 3 return to Britain?

| Jul 21, 2006
Three British bankers charged with fraud in the US will learn today whether they'll be allowed to return temporarily to Britain. They were brought here last week after losing a long extradition battle. Stephen Beard reports.

Backdating charges filed

John Dimsdale | Jul 21, 2006
The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission have brought the first criminal charges in the expanding stock options backdating probe. John Dimsdale reports.