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Homeland Security budgeting

Alisa Roth | Jan 3, 2006
Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff announced a new plan for distributing anti-terror funds to American cities. Only certain cities will be eligible for funds, and they'll have to detail how they plan to spend it. Alisa Roth reports.

Argentina will pay off IMF debt

Dan Grech | Jan 3, 2006
Argentina pledges to pays off its $10 billion debt to the International Monetary Fund. From the Marketplace Americas Desk at WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech reports.
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Oasis Airline launched

Stephen Beard | Jan 3, 2006
Hong Kong startup Oasis Airline promises discount fares to its home city from Europe and the US. European Bureau Chief Stephen Beard reports.

Home-grown bilingual teachers in Georgia

Sarah Gardner | Jan 3, 2006
In Dalton, Georgia, there's a booming Latino population but a shrinking number of Spanish-speaking teachers in schools. Sarah Gardner reports about Dalton's teacher apprentice program for bilingual high school students.

Ben Franklin, the entrepreneurial forefather

Tess Vigeland | Jan 3, 2006
This month marks the 300th anniversary of Ben Franklin's birth. Ever wonder how he could pay the bills while he was flying his famous kite or charming the French? Professor Blaine McCormick tells Tess Vigeland about Franklin's hidden entrepreneurial smarts.

Car guards in Cape Town

Youth Radio | Jan 3, 2006
As a growing number of cars in Cape Town, South Africa are stolen, many South Africans are willing to hire -- a car guard. Nishat Kurwa reports about one guard who hopes that the low-paying job will be his ticket to college.
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Caught in caste

Miranda Kennedy | Jan 3, 2006
Reporter Miranda Kennedy recalls how she was pressured into observing India's caste system against her will.

Money and power in Washington

| Jan 3, 2006
Lobbying efforts on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito move into high gear this week. Commentator Jeff Birnbaum argues it's all part of Washington's top private industry: influence-peddling.

The Chinese discover Africa

| Jan 3, 2006
Growing prosperity in China has translated into growing Chinese tourism to Africa. Terry FitzPatrick reports from Cape Town, South Africa.
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Beijing's unhappy new year

Jocelyn Ford | Jan 3, 2006
The new year isn't getting off to a very good start in China's capital. Today a downtown Beijing highway caved in, smashing a sewage pipe and flooding a subway construction site. To top it off, there's news that Beijing's quality of life ratings have sunk drastically. Jocelyn Ford has more.