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AARP pensions conference

Hilary Wicai | May 15, 2006
The nation's powerful seniors lobby holds a conference today to discuss what to do about the demise of the traditional pension plan. Hillary Wicai reports.

Investing in pricey violins

Alex Cohen | May 15, 2006
A 299-year-old Stradivarius is expected to fetch $2 million on the auction block Tuesday. Is a violin really a good investment? Alex Cohen reports.
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Problems in Puerto Rico

Janet Babin | May 15, 2006
In Puerto Rico today, schools and public buildings are reopening for the first time in two weeks. The government essentially ran out of money and had to shut down. But just because the crisis is over, doesn't mean all is well. Janet Babin reports.
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European markets falling

Stephen Beard | May 15, 2006
After big falls on Friday, European stock markets opened sharply lower this morning, hitting their lowest point in more than two months. From London, Stephen Beard explains.
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It's ad blitz week

Janet Babin | May 15, 2006
TV networks are trying to sell their new fall lineups to companies this week. But at least one of the country's biggest advertisers has pulled out of the early buy and that could be a sign of things to come. Janet Babin reports.

Demand for oil is weakening

Amy Scott | May 12, 2006
The International Energy Agency says high energy prices are eating into demand for oil. Of coure, there's a catch or two. Amy Scott reports.
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Carbon credits have some hot air

Stephen Beard | May 12, 2006
Many of the European Union's companies are registering carbon dioxide emissions far below their limits. And that's wreaking some havoc with the market set up to buy and sell carbon credits. Stephen Beard explains.

Most disabled Americans are paid lower wages

Helen Palmer | May 12, 2006
The US Census Bureau is reporting today that half of all disabled Americans hold jobs, but they are more likely to have lower incomes and lack health insurance. Helen Palmer reports.
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A mom's road back to work is often bumpy

Sarah Gardner | May 12, 2006
Harvard Business Review says the average mom loses 37% of her earning power, if she takes off three or more years. Sarah Gardner reports the road back onto the career track has a few potholes.

Week on Wall Street

| May 12, 2006
Dallas stockbroker David Johnson tells host Kai Ryssdal that he see the drops in stocks this week as a pause in otherwise strong markets.