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Long awaited HD-DVD player hits Japan

| Jul 27, 2006
The war between the hi-def DVD formats heats up today with the rollout of Toshiba's new HD-DVD recorder. But as Charla Bear reports, the battle might already be won.
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Questions about Amazon's growth strategy

| Jul 27, 2006
The online retailer took a beating in the stock market yesterday. It could be an indication investors have waning patience for the company's growth strategy. Jason Paur reports.
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US company to run UK healthcare?

Stephen Beard | Jul 27, 2006
British healthcare unions have attacked a plan to hire an American medical company to operate the UK's state-run health service. Especially since it's been accused of overcharging in the US. Stephen Beard reports.
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India's growing AIDS problem

Miranda Kennedy | Jul 27, 2006
India's economic growth rate is one of the fastest in the world, over 8% last year. But a new study says that HIV/AIDS will dramatically cut that growth over the next decade. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Venezuela makes a deal with Russia

Dan Grech | Jul 27, 2006
Oil-rich Venezuela is buying fighter jets and helicopters — from Russia. Chavez says he needs the hardware to defend against a potential US attack. Dan Grech reports.
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GM turns a corner?

Amy Scott | Jul 26, 2006
General Motors said today it lost $3.2 billion in the 2nd quarter, but the real story is that its sales surged 12%. Amy Scott looks at how one earnings report can change a company's entire outlook.
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Pulling backing the curtain on executive pay

John Dimsdale | Jul 26, 2006
SEC regulators endorsed new rules today that will force public companies to disclose compensation packages for their top five corporate executives, including any perk over $10,000. John Dimsdale reports.
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Government betting on home care

Lisa Napoli | Jul 26, 2006
The federal government wants to help states transfer disabled Medicaid patients from nursing homes to actual homes. It'll cost almost $2 billion to launch, but they're hoping home care will save money in the long term. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Lebanese refugees flood Syria

| Jul 26, 2006
Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese have fled into Syria to escape Israeli attacks. But their massive numbers have put a major strain on Syrian public services. Ben Gilbert reports from Damascus.
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Ice cream guy takes on defense budget

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 26, 2006
Ben & Jerry's founder Ben Cohen now runs a non-profit called Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to him about the change from peddling ice cream to trying to cut the defense budget.
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