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Businesses look to rein in USAPATRIOT Act

Amy Scott | Nov 17, 2005
The House is expected to vote today on changes to the USAPATRIOT act that would restrict the ability of federal officials to seize business records in terrorism investigations. Amy Scott reports.

Nanotechnology under review

Sam Eaton | Nov 17, 2005
A congressional panel today looks at consumer and environmental safety issues concerning the use of nanotechnology in hundreds of consumer products. Sam Eaton reports.
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United against spyware

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Nov 17, 2005
A coalition of major Internet companies has announced a plan to weed out advertisers who infect computers with unwanted code. But how effective will it be? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Concerns over identity theft in India

Miranda Kennedy | Nov 17, 2005
Indian officials launched court proceedings this week against four call center employees arrested for selling personal information on prospective US customers to a rival company. The case, and others like it, has the IT industry worried about how to stop call center employees looking to make a quick buck. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Dollar rising

Stephen Beard | Nov 17, 2005
The dollar is getting a real boost in foreign markets. Go figure. Stephen Beard reports.

Easing up on China's currency

Jocelyn Ford | Nov 17, 2005
Why is Washington easing up on its longstanding demand that China revalue its currency? Jocelyn Ford reports.

Tough times for newspapers

Dan Grech | Nov 17, 2005
The Los Angeles Times announced yesterday that its cutting 85 newsroom employees - 8 percent of the editorial staff. Four other Tribune papers also announced cuts. As Dan Grech reports from WLRN in Miami, newspaper woes are industry wide.

Dollar not going quite as far?

| Nov 16, 2005
Did you notice? The Consumer Price Index rose .02 percent in October. Kai Ryssdal tells you what it all means.

Oil Company Smackdown

John Dimsdale | Nov 16, 2005
A Republican Senator has slipped a provision into a tax bill that would bring in $5 billion from oil companies next year. It's that windfall profit tax that the industry fears. John Dimsdale has more.

If you air it, they will watch?

Jeff Tyler | Nov 16, 2005
Lately, ad dollars have been flowing away from network television and toward the Internet. Madison Avenue types wonder if TV ads are worth it. So network execs held a press conference to calm nerves. Jeff Tyler reports.