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Markets brace for PPI report

Amy Scott | Jun 13, 2006
Financial markets around the world today await the first of two reports on inflationary trends due out this week. An increase in the Producer Price Index could trigger a global stock sell-off. Amy Scott reports.
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Private sector leads disaster prep

Dan Grech | Jun 13, 2006
Last year, Wal-Mart was praised for responding to the hurricanes faster than the government. As Florida's Gulf Coast braces for Alberto, it looks like the retailer is at it again. Dan Grech reports from Miami.
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Hurricane survivors rally in DC

Eric Niiler | Jun 13, 2006
Survivors from hurricanes Katrina and Rita are scheduled to rally in the nation's capital today to protest cuts in federal housing assistance. Eric Niiler reports.
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Budget deficit getting better?

Tess Vigeland | Jun 13, 2006
The government reports that the federal budget deficit in May was higher than a year ago, but that the deficit overall is on pace to shrink by the end of the fiscal year. Tess Vigeland checks it out.
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Brazilian soccer sells

| Jun 13, 2006
Six-time champion Brazil makes its debut in the 2006 World Cup today and the nation is using its prowess on the soccer field to promote trade. Paulo Prada reports from Rio de Janeiro.
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'Reelz' movie previews

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jun 13, 2006
You know all those previews for upcoming films they play at the movies? A new cable channel aims to serve the same function 24 hours a day. But will anyone watch? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Russian oil IPO

Stephen Beard | Jun 13, 2006
Russia has revealed details of what could be one of the biggest IPOs in history. The Kremlin is preparing to float shares in the oil giant Rosneft on the London Stock exchange. Stephen Beard reports.
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A new line for auto workers

John Dimsdale | Jun 12, 2006
The United Auto Workers president had a tough message for his union's members today: The auto industry is changing, and some of those changes won't benefit auto workers. John Dimsdale reports.

Opening up records to police

Alisa Roth | Jun 12, 2006
A proposed law in Rhode Island would give police officers unrestricted access to phone and Internet records. Alisa Roth has the story.
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Is Venice doomed to go under?

Stephen Beard | Jun 12, 2006
Billions have been spent to save Venice from sinking into the sea. Now there's debate about whether it's worth all that money to save the storied city. Stephen Beard reports.
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