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Mailbag for Friday, July 7, 2006

Chris Farrell | Jul 7, 2006
Our economics editor Chris Farrell answers your burning money questions. This week, advice on investing in a friend's business, giving money to your kids for summer travel, and planning for a mortgage in a divorce.

Money Matters: The insurance maze

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 7, 2006
Insurance companies know everything about your previous claims -- another reason it's important to read the fine print of your homeowner's insurance policy. Kai talks with author and personal finance expert Kimberly Lankford.

Lost in the office

| Jul 7, 2006
You no longer work at the company. But you think you're owed a pension. How can you find out? Money Magazine's Ellen McGirt digs for lost retirement accounts.
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Investing in what's not

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 7, 2006
Everyone wants to pour their money into the "it" stock -- but there's a way to make money by going against the grain. Kai talks with Anthony Gallea of Smith Barney.
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Ticket to a green ride

| Jul 7, 2006
Buying a hybrid isn't the only way to save gas. Sarah Gardner gets behind the wheel for a lesson in eco-driving.

The economy? Well, on the one hand . . .

Bob Moon | Jul 7, 2006
The US labor market added 121,000 jobs last month. But that was below analysts' expectations. Meanwhile, wages were up. Could that signal inflation? Bob Moon reports that economists are scratching their heads about what it all means.
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Medicaid ID requirements relaxed

Helen Palmer | Jul 7, 2006
In a victory for consumer activists, the Bush administration has loosened rules requiring specific documentation for Medicaid recipients to prove citizenship. Helen Palmer reports.
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EU considers sacking China's plastic bags

Scott Tong | Jul 7, 2006
Another trade war between China and the European Union is brewing. This time it's over disposable plastic bags. Scott Tong reports.
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Anger lingers after London bombings

Stephen Beard | Jul 7, 2006
Ceremonies in Britain today commemorated those who died in last year's subway and bus bombings. But beneath the grief is growing anger over the amount of government support provided to the injured and bereaved. Stephen Beard reports.
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Bloomberg fights Feds on immigration

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jul 7, 2006
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg tells a Senate hearing that the economies of his city and the nation would collapse if illegal immigrants were deported. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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