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The good, the bad and the audit

Amy Scott | Apr 21, 2006
We've all heard the horror stories, but is being audited really that bad? Marketplace's Amy Scott reports.
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The boom in going bust

Chris Farrell | Apr 21, 2006
Our economics editor, Chris Farrell, spends time in a bankruptcy courtroom in Rochester, N.Y. He profiles a no-nonsense judge who wants to teach Americans how to stay out of debt.

A cure worse than cankers?

| Apr 21, 2006
Citrus growers in Florida have lost millions of dollars in crops because of two destructive plant diseases. But as Judith Smelser reports, the proposed cure could wipe out half of the state's citrus nurseries.

Good or bad, sports markets college names

| Apr 21, 2006
Business-of-sports expert David Carter discusses the Duke rape scandal with host Mark Austin Thomas and dispels the notion that no news is bad news.
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Gaga for Google again

Lisa Napoli | Apr 21, 2006
The search engine's earnings jumped nearly 80% in the first quarter, beating analysts' expectations. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Sarb-Ox reforms

Bob Moon | Apr 21, 2006
Proposals to exempt small companies from strict accounting rules under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are expected to be forwarded to the Securities and Exchange Commission this weekend. But as Bob Moon reports, the SEC may not endorse them.

Oil talks just talk

Alisa Roth | Apr 21, 2006
Finance ministers from the G7 industrialized nations and China meet with crude oil producers in Washington today to discuss ways to tame record-breaking oil prices. Alisa Roth reports.

Immigration raids may not deter employers

| Apr 21, 2006
Federal officials have made it clear that they plan to crack down on businesses that employ undocumented immigrants. But will businesses really change their ways? Alex Cohen reports.

Paper, plastic or 'ChicoBag'?

Brian Watt | Apr 21, 2006
As millions prepare for Earth Day observances Saturday, Brian Watt talks to an inventor looking to cure the world's addiction to plastic shopping bags.

Mr. Gates visits Vietnam

Miranda Kennedy | Apr 21, 2006
Microsoft's Bill Gates arrives in Vietnam Saturday to see firsthand the growth of the country's IT industry. Miranda Kennedy reports.