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Tough decision, loss of power

Amy Scott | Jul 25, 2006
It's been nine days since the lights went out in Queens, N.Y. Thousands of homes and businesses still lack power because, during the blackout's early stages, officials made a fateful choice. Amy Scott reports.
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Will the Katie Couric rule survive?

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jul 25, 2006
The SEC votes tomorrow on new executive compensation rules. A proposed requirement to reveal salaries and perks of high-paid talent — named after the former Today show host — may be cut. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Out-of-state business taxes on the block

John Dimsdale | Jul 25, 2006
A new bill in Congress could dramatically cut back states' authority to tax businesses located outside their borders — and that has states crying foul. John Dimsdale reports.
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Conflict's impact on Israel's economy is scattered

Hilary Krieger | Jul 25, 2006
In Jerusalem and other areas well outside the range of the conflict between the Israeli Defense Forces and Hezbollah, life goes on almost as normal. Hilary Kreiger reports.
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We've got mail

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 25, 2006
Kai Ryssdal rummages through the Marketplace mailbag to share what listeners are saying.

Want to save? Give up the big things

| Jul 25, 2006
As gas prices rise and consumers get scared of inflation, many people have started cutting back on small expenses. But commentator Amelia Tyagi says the little things don't matter as much as most people think.

Business plan hustle

Sean Cole | Jul 25, 2006
There's a lot of bunk in business. You say something that sounds business-y often enough and it starts to stick. Sean Cole has a case in point.
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Egypt's next big thing

Nancy Farghalli | Jul 25, 2006
Egypt has plans to broaden the country's tourism appeal beyond just the pyramids. Nancy Farghalli tells us what's coming.
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What killed Doha?

Steve Tripoli | Jul 25, 2006
The Doha Round of global free trade talks collapsed Monday in Geneva. Steve Tripoli tells us what some of the sticking points were.
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Click fraud lawsuits

Janet Babin | Jul 25, 2006
Advertisers claim Google needs to do more to curb click fraud at a hearing over a proposed $90 million settlement to dismiss lawsuits against the search engine. Janet Babin reports.
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