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Living on the edge

Alisa Roth | May 12, 2006
Millions of workers don't get health benefits from their employers, and don't qualify for government benefits. What are their insurance options? Alisa Roth talks with folks who shop for individual plans -- and some who are trying to live without.

Mom Corps recruiting

Hilary Wicai | May 12, 2006
In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, Hillary Wicai reports on a job-placement service exclusively for corporate-minded moms looking to work part-time to keep their skills sharp.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Recycling chic

| May 12, 2006
A pair of London entrepreneurs are taking old clothes and turning them into new styles — and profits. Rachel Louise Snyder reports.
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Phone companies in the hot seat

Bob Moon | May 12, 2006
AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth are going to have to answer to the American people. The companies have been handing over phone records to the government, and the lawsuit parade is already underway. Bob Moon reports.
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Canadian pharmacies make a comeback

Steve McNally | May 12, 2006
With the new Medicare drug benefit enrollment deadline fast approaching, Canadian pharmacies are trying to convince American seniors it's still cheaper to buy north of the border. Steve McNalley reports.
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Kicking MySpace out of school

Janet Babin | May 12, 2006
The hugely popular social networking Web site MySpace has caught the attention of advertisers. But a lot of young people use it and that could get the attention of Congress. Janet Babin reports.
Posted In: Science, Washington

Job Files: Exotic pet hospital

Amy Scott | May 12, 2006
This installment of The Job Files visits an unusual animal hospital in New York City.

Ads getting harder to skip

Alex Cohen | May 12, 2006
A new marketing strategy takes product placement to the next level, blurring the line between TV content and advertising even more. Alex Cohen tells us, we better get used to it.

Students protest med school quotas

Miranda Kennedy | May 12, 2006
Medical students in India are protesting a plan to reserve half of the seats at India's most prestigious universities for people from the lowest ranks of society. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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High gas prices weakening demand... a little

Stephen Beard | May 12, 2006
High oil prices are hitting consumers in the US and elsewhere. The International Energy Agency said today the higher cost of crude is cutting growth in demand for gas. From London, Stephen Beard explains.
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