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Fighting a Ticket

| Mar 3, 2006
Going online can save you a trip to court. Angela Frucci reports on a speedier way to squash a speeding ticket.

Scientist... Not!

Sarah Gardner | Mar 3, 2006
This week, President Bush signed a nuclear agreement with India. The deal calls for American technological investment and expertise. But, finding the next generation of American engineers could be an uphill battle. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Metro voice

| Mar 3, 2006
This week, the District of Columbia unveiled a new voice for its Metro subway system. And as Gretchen Cook reports, the nation's capital is getting it free of charge.
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A losing strategy

Ethan Lindsey | Mar 3, 2006
The World Baseball Classic gets underway today with games scheduled from Tokyo to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It's all part of efforts to draw more fans to the game. But closer to home, a Major League team seems to want the opposite. Ethan Lindsey reports.
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Is the world serious about baseball?

| Mar 3, 2006
Since it's no longer an Olympic sport, baseball needs an international forum to attract fans around the globe. Organizers hope the first-ever World Baseball Classic, which starts today, will be that magnet. Curt Nickisch reports.
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Mr. Bush in Pakistan

Miranda Kennedy | Mar 3, 2006
President Bush heads to Pakistan tomorrow to meet with President Pervez Musharraf. Miranda Kennedy reports the American President will be offering a package of economic concessions to reward Pakistan's help in the war on terror.
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Fourth quarter Hail Mary

Stacey Vanek Smith | Mar 3, 2006
In a bid to get its labor house in order, the NFL has delayed the start of free agency. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Logging the Amazon

| Mar 3, 2006
The Brazilian government has opened the door to logging in the Amazon, and environmentalists are applauding the move. From Rio de Janeiro, Paulo Prada tells us why.
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Oil and Iran

Stephen Beard | Mar 3, 2006
A broken EU meeting with Iran sends oil prices higher. Stephen Beard reports.

And the 'Brandy' goes <nobr>to . . .</nobr>

Lisa Napoli | Mar 3, 2006
You've heard of the Oscars, of course. But what about the "Brandies"? These Hollywood trophies go to the company with the most product placement in movies. Lisa Napoli explains.