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That's a lot of yen.

Jocelyn Ford | Nov 3, 2005
In China, the rich are getting richer. It took $125 million to make the new Forbes list of the 200 wealthiest Chinese. So who are these people making big bread in a communist country? Jocelyn Ford reports from Beijing.

Vertical integration vertigo

Alisa Roth | Nov 2, 2005
Warner Bros. will lay off about 5% of its movie and TV workforce due to slow DVD sales. Time Warner, meanwhile, saw third-quarter earnings rise 80%. But wait, there's more. Alisa Roth reports from New York.

The high cost of depression

Sarah Gardner | Nov 2, 2005
Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the long-term productivity costs associated with employees' mental health issues. In response, Aetna has a new program aimed at treating employee depression. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Google your prescriptions

Helen Palmer | Nov 2, 2005
The FDA wants all prescription drug labels available online, so patients and doctors can look them up for themselves. As Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH, reaction to this new requirement is mixed.
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Ditch the mortgage-interest deduction

| Nov 2, 2005
A presidential panel plans to modify or eliminate a zillion tax deductions and credits, among them the sacred mortgage-interest deduction. Bring it on, says Marketplace commentator Robert Reich.

Could it be... a campaign finance loophole?

Scott Tong | Nov 2, 2005
There are campaign finance laws governing how political ad money can be spent on TV, radio, etc. But what about online? As Scott Tong reports, the House took up Internet political spending today.

Pirates in the hole!

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 2, 2005
Hollywood, plagued by piracy, wants Congress to block something called "the analog hole." Tomorrow the House begins hearings. Kai Ryssdal asked Variety's Bill Tripplett: "What exactly IS the analog hole?"

Commercializing Ramadan

| Nov 2, 2005
Muslims mark the end of Ramadan tomorrow. It's been a month filled with fasting, Koran reading, and spiritual reflection. But Ramadan has also become a retail bonanza. From Jerusalem, Hilary Krieger reports.

Living life on the half-shell

Sam Eaton | Nov 2, 2005
Signs of life in New Orleans are feeding a new sense of optimism that the city will come back. But there's always that nagging little problem... the devil is in the details. Sam Eaton checks back in with Sal, the oysterman.
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Gates guns for Google

Ethan Lindsey | Nov 2, 2005
Microsoft has announced plans to offer an online version of its Windows operating software, going head-to-head with archrival Google in the field of cyber applications. Ethan Lindsey reports.