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Look ahead: Personal savings rate

| Dec 1, 2006
What you need to know today about the personal savings rate. Are Americans really saving for a rainy day? Stacey Vanek-Smith does some digging.
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Fidel's energy obsession

Dan Grech | Dec 1, 2006
Dan Grech reports on Cuban leader Fidel Castro's unorthodox approach to the country's energy crunch.

How did Robert Altman stay in business?

| Dec 1, 2006
Host Mark Austin Thomas and Daily Variety managing editor Michael Speier look at why maverick director Robert Altman would have had a hard time breaking into today's Hollywood.
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Calderón takes office

| Dec 1, 2006
Mexican President Felipe Calderón is being sworn in today — and inheriting a slowing Mexican economy. Franc Contreras looks at the challenges he faces.
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Private equity wants to do-it-themselves

Scott Jagow | Dec 1, 2006
Two private equity firms are reportedly considering a bid of $100 billion for home improvement retailer Home Depot. No matter that its stock has fallen 15 percent over two years.
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UK considers 'Frankentaters'

Stephen Beard | Dec 1, 2006
European consumers have staunchly opposed genetically-modified crops, but now the British government has approved trials of a blight-resistant potato. Will consumers buy into it? Stephen Beard reports.
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Opening up ICANN

Brian Watt | Dec 1, 2006
ICANN, the group that oversees the Internet, meets in Brazil this weekend. High on the agenda: making the bidding process for domain control more open and transparent. Brian Watt reports.
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Price tag for HIV meds: $620,000

Jason Paur | Dec 1, 2006
The lifetime treatment cost for an AIDS patient has hit $620,000 — and that figure probably isn't going down anytime soon. Jason Paur reports.
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Bringing cheaper HIV drugs to India

Miranda Kennedy | Dec 1, 2006
Former president Bill Clinton announced that his negotiated significantly cheaper HIV treatment for children in India, home to the world's largest HIV-positive population. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Weak dollar = bonus anxiety

Hilary Wicai | Dec 1, 2006
It seems U.S. investment bankers in Europe are wringing their hands over what the sliding value of the dollar will due to their annual bonus checks. Hillary Wicai reports.
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