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Celebrex study

Helen Palmer | Mar 2, 2006
We've all heard the charges that Vioxx can trigger heart attacks. Now comes word that rival pain reliever Celebrex may also exacerbate heart problems. Helen Palmer reports.
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Love Field showdown

Alex Cohen | Mar 2, 2006
American Airlines launches service out of Dallas's Love Field today. Even though the carrier is likely to lose money in the move, Alex Cohen reports that it's all about checking the growth of rival Southwest.

European central bank raises interest rates

Stephen Beard | Mar 2, 2006
Europe's central bank is expected to raise interest rates a quarter of a point later today. As Stephen Beard reports from the European Desk in London, that's both good news and bad news for the US economy.

Dubai, Port Deux

Alisa Roth | Mar 2, 2006
Today a British judge will rule on the sale of a British Company to DP World, the Dubai-based firm that wants to take over operational control of six US ports. A Miami company asked the British judge to halt the deal, but the port company isn't the only one drawing attention from the Bush Administration these days. Alisa Roth reports.

Northwest labor negotiations

| Mar 2, 2006
Northwest has reached a tentative agreement with its flight attendants. But the bankrupt airline and its pilots are still in limbo. The deadline set by the bankruptcy court came and went yesterday, and the two sides had not reached a deal on wages and benefits. Now it's up to the judge to decide whether to extend the deadline or let Northwest throw out the pilots contract and impose its own labor terms. Cheryl Glaser reports.

Border and immigration issues

John Dimsdale | Mar 1, 2006
A group of Texas sheriffs are in Washington today, testifying before the Senate's Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship subcommittee about border issues in their state. This comes as the Senate is debating a wide range of immigration reforms. John Dimsdale has the story.

Airline strike averted

| Mar 1, 2006
Flight attendants at Northwest Airlines seem to have averted a strike today by agreeing to another round of pay cuts. Cheryl Glaser has more.

iTunes video royalties

Lisa Napoli | Mar 1, 2006
The Hollywood labor unions are asking Disney to increase the royalties actors, directors, and writers receive when their work is downloaded from Apple's iTunes music store. Disney says it won't go beyond the current DVD formula. Lisa Napoli has the details.

Why India?

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 1, 2006
President Bush is in India. The outsourcing of US jobs will be a talking point of his trip, but there are other issues the President will touch on during his visit to the world's largest democracy. Kai speaks with Nandan Nilekani, the CEO of one of India's biggest technology companies, Infosys.

India's nuclear options

Alisa Roth | Mar 1, 2006
During his visit to the sub-continent, President Bush is hoping to sell India on the idea of buying civil nuclear technology from US manufacturers. India is the world's second youngest nuclear country. Alisa Roth reports.