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There's a new class system

| Oct 23, 2006
The rich may be getting richer while everyone else treads water or falls further behind, but what about our social status? Humorist Sandra Tsing Loh tells us these days it's as much about image as money.

Biofuel supporters better step on it

Sam Eaton | Oct 23, 2006
Illinois wants half the motor fuel used in the state to be supplied by homegrown, alternative sources by 2017. But right now flex fuel vehicles and biofuel stations are few and far between, Sam Eaton reports.

Sloan Sessions: Pension reform

| Oct 23, 2006
Host Scott Jagow and Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan discuss what so-called pension reform means for pensioners — and taxpayers.
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The great Arctic sea grab

Stephen Beard | Oct 23, 2006
As the polar icecap recedes, countries that border the Arctic Circle are scrambling to lay claim to what may lie beneath. Stephen Beard reports.

Skilling sentence comes down today

Jeff Tyler | Oct 23, 2006
Former Enron CEO Jeffry Skilling faces at least 20 years in prison for his role in the company's collapse when he is sentenced today for fraud and conspiracy. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Putting the Taurus out to pasture

Amy Scott | Oct 23, 2006
After more than 20 years, Ford is retiring the "jelly bean"-shaped car that helped the automaker rebound from its previous sales slump. Amy Scott reports.

Happy birthday iPod

Janet Babin | Oct 23, 2006
Apple's iPod is turning five. Will the next five years be a similar rocket ride for the ubiquitous music player? Janet Babin takes a look.
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UK defense company changing its stripes?

Stephen Beard | Oct 23, 2006
Britain's biggest defense contractor could become an American company — and the British government won't stand in its way. Stephen Beard reports.
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Keeping biotech in California

Sarah Gardner | Oct 23, 2006
A new study shows California is the center of the global biotech industry, but the Golden State can't take that designation for granted, Sarah Gardner reports.
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Thailand reassures trade partners

Miranda Kennedy | Oct 23, 2006
Thailand's new prime minister is making the rounds in neighboring countries to reassure trading partners that all is well after last month's military coup. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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