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WTO talks

Stephen Beard | Dec 16, 2005
Europe's trade negotiator says he's more than a little pessimistic heading into the stretch of key global trade talks in Hong Kong. Peter Mandelsohn says the problem is easy to locate -- he says it's the Americans' fault the talks are in jeopardy. Stephen Beard reports.

New rules for digital TV

Hilary Wicai | Dec 16, 2005
After nearly a year of contention, the major cable and broadcast networks have brokered a deal with a coalition of children's advocacy organizations on new rules for digital TV. Hillary Wicai reports.

Ain't no levee high enough

John Dimsdale | Dec 15, 2005
The president has requested approximately $3 billion to repair New Orleans' levees. But the commitment is far less than local officials say is needed to withstand future hurricanes. John Dimsdale reports.

No really -- they're GOOD for you!

Helen Palmer | Dec 15, 2005
The Illinois Supreme court today threw out a $10 billion judgment against Philip Morris parent company Altria in a consumer fraud case over "light" cigarettes. But the story doesn't end there. Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH.
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Mess transit

Amy Scott | Dec 15, 2005
New York is bracing for a possible transit strike, and millions of subway commuters may have to find another way to work. Amy Scott reports on preparations businesses are making.

The ties that bind

Alisa Roth | Dec 15, 2005
GM announced it'll no longer contribute matching funds to white collar workers' 401(k) plans. It's also cutting back on severance pay benefits. So how are the rank and file feeling? Alisa Roth reports.

Senator William Proxmire:<BR>Memorial commentary

| Dec 15, 2005
Former Senator William Proximire died today. The Wisconsin Democrat was legendary for his crusades against government waste and excess spending. He was also one of Marketplace's early commentators. In tribute, Marketplace revisited the first commentary the Senator wrote for us - in 1989.
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Higher. Faster. More extreme?

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 15, 2005
The Winter Olympics are nearly here, and athletes are raking in the endorsement money. As business of sports analyst Ed Derse explained, the big money is going to athletes in the new Olympic sports.
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Their own set of wheels

Youth Radio | Dec 15, 2005
Youth Radio's Nishat Kurwa checked in to tell us the story of Ben Bikes, a program in South Africa that donates bikes to schools so that students can make it to school on time. But are bikes... cool enough?
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Global higher ed

Scott Jagow | Dec 15, 2005
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell tells host Scott Jagow that the growth of higher education in the developing world could have consequences for US competitiveness.