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Gasless in Seattle?

| Aug 9, 2006
Jason Paur reports the Pacific Northwest is particularly vulnerable to the shutdown of BP oil field shutdown in Alaska.

Google goes academic

Shia Levitt | Aug 9, 2006
The search engine is expected today to announce a deal with the University of California to digitize parts of its 34-million volume library collection. Shia Levitt has more.
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Curing malaria

Miranda Kennedy | Aug 9, 2006
India software services firm TCS says it's developed a new gene-based technology that will revolutionize treatment for Asia and Africa's biggest killer: malaria. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Air for sale

Janet Babin | Aug 9, 2006
Today the FCC begins auctioning off parts of the radio spectrum, the public airwaves used for things like radio, cell phones and wireless Internet. Janet Babin tells us who's buying.

No rate hike . . . this time

Bob Moon | Aug 8, 2006
The Federal Reserve today decided not to raise short-term interest rates for the 18th consecutive time. But the vote to do nothing already has everybody asking, what's next? Bob Moon reports.
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Short-lived celebration on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 8, 2006
As <a href="">promised</a>, Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal speaks with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about the Fed's decision not to raise short-term interest rates.
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Flights could get a little roomier

Amy Scott | Aug 8, 2006
Planes have been more crowded lately, and fares have been higher. But there's news today that after five years of slashing capacity, airlines are starting to add seats again. Amy Scott reports.

'An absolute disaster'

Ben Gilbert | Aug 8, 2006
As fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerillas in Lebanon rages on, the Lebanese government and economists estimate total losses to that country could be in the range of $7 billion &mdash; so far. Ben Gilbert reports.
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Isabella Lamb for President

| Aug 8, 2006
With several important primary elections now underway, commentator Paul Lamb argues that campaign finance reform should be on voters' minds. And short of that, he's going to start saving for his daughter's campaign now.

Havana Club rum is back

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 8, 2006
Bacardi will relaunch its Havana Club brand in the States for first time since the US embargoed Cuba. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Miami Herald reporter Elaine Walker about the trademark ruling that allowed it &mdash; and what it could mean for other companies.