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Interest rate watch

Amy Scott | Aug 8, 2006
The Federal Reserve's rate-setting board meets today and many analysts expect the committee will break its streak of 17-straight rate hikes. Amy Scott reports.
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Will BP's pipeline closure cost us?

Jeff Tyler | Aug 8, 2006
Jeff Tyler looks at the possible economic ripple effects of BP's decision to temporarily shutter the largest oil field in the US.

Sequestering CO2

Sam Eaton | Aug 8, 2006
Researchers say it's possible to sequester heat-trapping carbon dioxide in ocean sediment. Sam Eaton looks at how much it might cost and why companies might do it — or not.

Wal-Mart give and take

Scott Jagow | Aug 8, 2006
Labor expert Harley Shaiken discusses Monday's announcement that retail giant Wal-Mart will raise the pay of one-third of its US employees, but cap wages for jobs as well.

Bono makes another capitalistic move

Stephen Beard | Aug 8, 2006
Rock star Bono is being criticized for shifting some of U2's assets out of Ireland to avoid a new tax hike there. Stephen Beard has the story.
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Cyber crime on the rise

Lisa Napoli | Aug 8, 2006
A new report from Consumer Reports finds one in three computer users have fallen victim to cyber crime. And the cyber criminals are getting more of people's money. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Helen Palmer | Aug 8, 2006
Two of the nation's biggest institutional pharmacy suppliers are merging, and the move could be good for consumers. Helen Palmer looks at the implications of the merger.
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AOL's big mistake

Janet Babin | Aug 8, 2006
The company only meant to release information to researchers, but the search records of more than 650,000 AOL customers wound up on a public Web site. Janet Babin looks at the ramifications.
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Gas prices headed up as BP pipeline closes down

Bob Moon | Aug 7, 2006
BP began shutting down its oil field in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska this morning due to corroded and leaking pipelines. It'll take away about eight percent of US domestic production and that means you can expect prices to go up. Bob Moon reports.

Ney bows out in Abramoff scandal's wake

Hilary Wicai | Aug 7, 2006
The Jack Abramoff lobbying and corruption scandal in Washington has claimed another victim. Ohio Republican Bob Ney announced today that's he no longer running for reelection for his House seat. Hillary Wicai reports.
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