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Pension bill

Scott Tong | Aug 11, 2006
Congress just passed a sweeping pension reform bill. Scott Tong reports on the changes in store for your retirement plan.

Investing in security checkpoints

Bob Moon | Aug 11, 2006
Liquids may not be allowed back on planes for quite some time. Bob Moon looks at how much it will cost to implement a passenger screening system that can detect liquid bombs — and whether it's a smart investment.

Stepping up the hybrid race

Janet Babin | Aug 11, 2006
GM, BMW and DaimlerChrysler said today they're committing $1 billion to a new hybrid engine. It has the potential to save more fuel than a Toyota Prius, but is it too little too late? Janet Babin reports.

Happy 25th, IBM PC

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 11, 2006
25 years ago today, IBM released its first personal computer. It was a moment that changed the world, in part because IBM used software from a little-known company called Microsoft. Host Kai Ryssdal looks back with computer maven Robert Cringely.
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Time to reconsider terrorism futures

| Aug 11, 2006
Several years ago the Pentagon proposed creating a futures market to predict terror attacks. In light of yesterday's news about a major terror plot, commentator and economist Susan Lee says we should rethink the idea.

Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 11, 2006
Host Kai Ryssdal checks in with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson to find out about the week on Wall Street.
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Replacing Mexican workers in Mexico

Dan Grech | Aug 11, 2006
Millions of Mexicans have migrated to the US over the past several decades, and now some parts of Mexico face labor shortages because it. So workers from other parts of Central America are taking their place. Dan Grech reports.
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Students not the only ones leaving summer jobs

Youth Radio | Aug 11, 2006
Youth Radio reporter Julie Civiello waits tables as her summer job — and discovers that one of her co-workers also happens to be one of her high school teachers.

After Fidel

Scott Jagow | Aug 11, 2006
What will a post-Castro Cuba look like? Host Scott Jagow speaks with former CIA analyst Brian Latell who's written a book about Cuba's future.
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Foreign markets' Hollywood pull

| Aug 11, 2006
Host Mark Austin Thomas talks to Daily Variety managing editor Michael Speier about the role foreign markets play in deciding what movies get made in Hollywood.