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Job Files: Art consultant

| Jun 23, 2006
This week's installment of the Job Files takes us into the world of the fine art consultant.

Prescription drug costs

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jun 23, 2006
No surprise that the cost of brand-name prescription drugs is on the rise, but a new study reveals the cost has skyrocketed this year — three times faster than the rate of inflation. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Insider trading investigation

Janet Babin | Jun 23, 2006
A report out today says the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a major US hedge fund for possible insider trading. The investigation is so sensitive that even the SEC's handling of the matter is under review. Janet Babin reports.
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It's unanimous: Employers liable for retaliation

Sarah Gardner | Jun 22, 2006
The Supreme Court today made it easier for companies to be found guilty of retaliation. The 9-0 ruling shifted new power to employees, but critics fear it will simply encourage more lawsuits. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Hastert accused of profiting from earmarks

John Dimsdale | Jun 22, 2006
More allegations of influence peddling in Washington, and this time Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is allegedly involved. John Dimsdale reports.
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Airlines named in price-fixing investigation

Eric Niiler | Jun 22, 2006
Authorities raided an office of British Airways today in connection to price fixing over fuel surcharges. Eric Niiler reports that the British carrier isn't the only company to be caught up in the probe.

World Cup tickets hard to come by

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 22, 2006
You had to provide a passport or ID number to buy 2006 World Cup tickets, which are microchipped and registered to specific individuals. All to prevent counterfeit and scalping. Did it work? Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Jamie Trecker of Fox Sports.
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Tiger tax in India

| Jun 22, 2006
A recent spate of poaching in India has hurt the country's tiger population. The government is considering a new solution that might hurt India's tourism industry too: a whopping tiger tax on hotels. Suzanne Marmion reports.
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NYC taxi auction

Bob Moon | Jun 22, 2006
New York City is selling licenses today to operate taxi cabs in the city. A license could cost as much $500,000, but it's well worth it financially. Bob Moon explains.
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Federal cable franchise? Bad idea

| Jun 22, 2006
With all the talk about net neutrality, commentator Jamie Court says we've missed another important debate — a possible rollback in local restrictions on cable companies.