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Is your laptop safe?

Janet Babin | Aug 15, 2006
Dell is recalling 4.1 million Sony batteries used in its notebook computers. Lithium-ion batteries power most of our gadgets these days — and they're all susceptible to overheating. Janet Babin reports.
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Tensions escalate in Mexico protests

| Aug 15, 2006
As the partial election recount continues in Mexico, protesters have widened their blockades to key financial institutions in the country's capital. Franc Contreras reports from Mexico City.
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Private equity spending spree

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 15, 2006
Private equity firms have been snapping up different publicly-traded companies recently. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to Fortune magazine writer Adam Lashinsky about this buyout trend.
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Gear up for rocky roads

| Aug 15, 2006
Soaring oil prices have made summer road trips more expensive — even driving up the cost of the road itself. High asphalt prices have some towns cutting back on road construction. Joel Rose reports.

Budding entrepreneurs

| Aug 15, 2006 today announced that 9-year-old Siena Jeakle of Seattle won its Best Lemonade Stand in America contest. They may not have won, but four New Jersey brothers think they've got the right stuff. Alex Goldmark has the story.
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Moving on up

| Aug 15, 2006
Commentator David Wells looks at how middle class retirees have been able to move up to an upper-class lifestyle.

British airlines want reimbursement

Stephen Beard | Aug 15, 2006
Costs from long delays and cancelled flights are adding up and British airlines are calling for the UK's main airport operator to pay for some of the losses incurred. Stephen Beard reports.
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Anti-smoking pill may be real deal

Helen Palmer | Aug 15, 2006
A report out today finds that a new drug called Chantix helps smokers kick the habit. The maker of the drug paid for the studies, but it's not necessarily a conflict of interest, reports Helen Palmer.
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Investing in alternative energy

Sam Eaton | Aug 15, 2006
Second quarter investments in so-called clean technologies such as solar and biofuels have reached record levels. Analysts say it's just the beginning, Sam Eaton reports.

HealthSouth looking to rehabilitate

Rachel Dornhelm | Aug 15, 2006
HealthSouth's high-profile trial earned the company a spot next to Enron and WorldCom in the corporate fraud hall of fame. But unlike those companies, it has a plan to turn things around. Rachel Dornhelm reports.