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Commentary: The working Poor at Christmas

| Dec 23, 2005
People talk about holiday shopping like it's some kind of endurance test, or a battle. But that's probably less true for you the consumer, than it is for the person behind the counter. Commentator Moira Manion works two minimum wage jobs, six days a week -- and this season shea€™s feeling less than jolly.

The Knit Cap

| Dec 23, 2005
TV writer Sam Johnson recalls learning the meaning of Christmas from an old knit cap and his elementary school bully.

Christmas Crafts

| Dec 23, 2005
Morning Report producer Wendy Sykes uncovers the tyranny of hand-made gifts at her family's Christmas celebrations.

The Job Files: Salvation Army bell ringer

Amy Scott | Dec 23, 2005
This installment of the Job Files looks at Salvation Army bell ringer Pam Wright.

What's the real cost?

Amy Scott | Dec 23, 2005
The strike is over. The subways and buses are running. And New York City has returned to something like normal this morning. Economists are whipping out their calculators to come up with a price tag. But as Amy Scott reports, it won't be easy.
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Harry Potter prevents injuries

Helen Palmer | Dec 23, 2005
It may not be magic, but the release of Harry Potter books coincides with a drop in traumatic injuries to children, studies show. Helen Palmer reports.
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Help for the Gulf Coast

John Dimsdale | Dec 23, 2005
The defense budget bill includes $29 billion to help jumpstart the economy of the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast. The money will be used to rebuild levees, highways, bridges, schools and houses. John Dimsdale reports local government officials got their wish, but much of the federal money comes with few strings attached.

H&R Block settlement

Janet Babin | Dec 23, 2005
The personal accounting giant agrees to pay $62.5 million to settle charges that it duped people into paying exorbitant lending fees for advances on tax returns. Janet Babin reports.

Home heating blues

Stacey Vanek Smith | Dec 23, 2005
With home heating costs a concern for many this year, state programs to help low-income residents pay their bills are in high demand. But as Stacey Vanek Smith reports, states may not have enough money to go around.

Tsunami relief

Jocelyn Ford | Dec 23, 2005
The United Nations estimates the world pledged more than $13 billion to help the survivors of the Indian Ocean Tsunami that swept away 220,000 lives. But an investigation by the Financial Times suggests a lot of money spent by the United Nations portion of that didn't make it to the victims. Jocelyn Ford reports.