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Earmarks need to go

| Sep 13, 2006
Congressional leaders are considering new rules to govern the use of earmarks in the appropriations process. But commentator Robert Reich argues they don't go far enough.

Corn as food vs. corn as fuel

Sam Eaton | Sep 13, 2006
What happens to the economics of corn when demand for food competes with demand for a renewable fuel source? Sam Eaton reports.

Look for more changes at Ford

Sarah Gardner | Sep 13, 2006
Directors for Ford begin a two-day board meeting today, and observers expect another round of restructuring announcements. Sarah Gardner reports.

Oil companies not paying royalties

Scott Tong | Sep 13, 2006
Lawmakers open a hearing today into claims the Interior Department continues to waive royalty payments for big oil companies. Scott Tong reports.
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Legal troubles ahead for HP?

Bob Moon | Sep 13, 2006
California's Attorney General says insiders at Hewlett Packard could face criminal charges stemming from the company's probe into information leaked to the media. Bob Moon reports.

Time is shrinking

Rachel Dornhelm | Sep 13, 2006
Time Inc. plans to sell 18 of its smaller, but still profitable magazine titles in an effort to refocus its publishing strategy. Rachel Dornhelm looks at what's behind the sale.

China to measure happiness

Jocelyn Ford | Sep 13, 2006
China is planning to add a new key index to its roster of economic indicators. It's called the "happiness index." Jocelyn Ford reports.
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HP's boardroom changing shape

Amy Scott | Sep 12, 2006
Hewlett-Packard director George Keyworth resigned. Chairwoman Patricia Dunn will step down in January but stays on the board. CEO Mark Hurd takes her place. What does it all mean for HP? Amy Scott reports.

CEO headache for drugmaker

Bob Moon | Sep 12, 2006
Bristol-Myers Squibb CEO Peter Dolan stepped down today effective immediately. The maker of Excedrin and Plavix was feeling some pressure from the Justice Department, Bob Moon reports.

Mobile content is king

Lisa Napoli | Sep 12, 2006
The cell phone industry is hosting one of the splashiest conferences in Los Angeles this week, and the thing on everyone's mind? Making cash with content. Lisa Napoli reports.
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