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Faster, Higher, Stronger

Ethan Lindsey | Nov 25, 2005
The Olympic flame is set to be lit this weekend in advance of the Winter Games in Turin this February. Ethan Lindsey looks at how the Games should benefit the city's economy.
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The myth of Black Friday

Jeff Tyler | Nov 25, 2005
Everyone knows the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year. Or is it? Jeff Tyler has more.

Holiday movies

Tess Vigeland | Nov 25, 2005
Hollywood is hoping a banner holiday movie season will reverse slumping box office receipts. Tess Vigeland reports.

World Economic Forum

Miranda Kennedy | Nov 25, 2005
Economists are gathering in New Dehli this weekend to discuss how India can expand its profile in the world economy, and how Indian businesses can influence government reforms. Miranda Kennedy reports.

The Job Files: Songwriter

| Nov 25, 2005
This installment of the Job Files profiles country music songwriter John Stone.

Benzene leak in China

Amy Scott | Nov 24, 2005
A large toxic slick from a chemical plant explosion in China is nearing the city of Harbin. Residents and scientists are scrambling to make their city safe and figure out what happens next. Amy Scott reports.

The X-Box Files

| Nov 24, 2005
It just came out. People camped out and stood in line to get it. And already there are problems with the X-Box 360? Jason Paur talked with Cheryl Glaser about Microsoft's possibly-buggy game system.

The big test for a test kitchen

| Nov 24, 2005
Ten stovetop burners, two refrigerators, four ovens, and two kitchens. Host Cheryl Glaser visited an L.A. test kitchen, where Thanksgiving is an enormous production.

The NFL in Europe - Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Kyle James | Nov 24, 2005
In Europe, professional (American-style) football has been fighting for survival. It loses money every year, but managers have a new strategy to keep the league from going under. Kyle James reports.

"Just for women" advertising

Andrea Gardner | Nov 24, 2005
There are ads that make you cry, ads that make you laugh... and then there are ads that just make you mad. Andrea Gardner has more.