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Credit Suisse loses $120 million

Amy Scott | Oct 16, 2006
Derivatives are risky. They're bets basically — an easy way to lose money. There's word today that Switzerland's second largest bank lost a whole lot on a bad bet in South Korea. Amy Scott reports.
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Accounting industry scales down

Steve Tripoli | Oct 16, 2006
Twenty-two mid-sized accounting firms opened up shop today — jointly as Baker Tilly USA. And the fact that they can compete for clients against the Big 4 speaks volumes about the post-Enron accounting world. Steve Tripoli reports.

An unhealthy obsession with eating healthy?

| Oct 16, 2006
Fast food can make some people a little sick to their stomachs, but Cal Berkeley student Catherine Price discovered that learning how to eat well can make you feel a little sick too. She might even be orthorexic.
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Coffee house government

| Oct 16, 2006
The average American drinks about 45 gallons of coffee a year and politicians are tapping into that constituency. From Seattle, Amy Radil explains.

Yahoo vs. Google

Scott Jagow | Oct 16, 2006
Host Scott Jagow talks to Newsweek Magazine's Wall Street Editor Allan Sloan about the differences between two of Silicon Valley's biggest titans: Yahoo and Google.
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Big business goes small-town

| Oct 16, 2006
Google recently set up shop in a tiny town in Oregon. David Welch looks at what attracted the Internet giant to the rural locale — and whether the move is part of a larger trend.

Cleaner diesel fuel is here

Rachel Dornhelm | Oct 16, 2006
Today strict new standards for diesel fuel take effect at the pump. And the new and improved fuel could create a ripple of fuel-efficiency in the auto industry, Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Did Chavez go too far?

Dan Grech | Oct 16, 2006
Today the UN votes on a new member for its Security Council. Hugo Chavez has spent all his political capital — and a whole lot of cash — to win the vote for Venezuela. But his fiery rhetoric may have backfired, Dan Grech reports.
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Sir Paul <SUP>TM</SUP>

| Oct 16, 2006
Sir Paul McCartney has applied to trademark his name. Estimates put his profit potential near a billion dollars. And as Diantha Parker reports, it ain't just music he's hoping to cash in on.

Tax day for Katrina victims

| Oct 16, 2006
Today is the deadline for Katrina victims to file their tax returns. Charla Bear takes a look at how well the plan to let them take advantage of special tax credits has worked.