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BP showing its greener side?

Sam Eaton | Aug 23, 2006
Oil giant BP launched a Web site today that lets drivers donate money to offset their carbon dioxide emissions. The cash will go toward renewable energy projects. But is it sanctimony or selflessness? Sam Eaton reports.

Tom Cruise as investment strategy

Jeff Tyler | Aug 23, 2006
After 14 years Paramount Pictures has said it'll end ties with megastar Tom Cruise. His camp announced they'll finance future projects using hedge fund money. Jeff Tyler has the story.
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Still waiting for that trickle-down

| Aug 23, 2006
President Bush last week touted economic growth and a shrinking deficit. But consumer confidence is at an all-time low. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson calls this disconnect "the $64,000 question." Commentator Robert Reich has an answer.

Eco-friendly small-town America

Sarah Gardner | Aug 23, 2006
Small cities are demanding higher energy efficiency standards and not just in "green" pockets of the country like California or the Pacific Northwest. Sarah Gardner visits one such town, deep in the heart of Red America.

Cutting North Korea's cash flow

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 23, 2006
The US is working to freeze North Korean bank accounts allegedly used in handling money the country gets from drug trafficking and other illegal activities. Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Stephen Mihm of the University of Georgia.
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War-torn Kabul's first 5-star hotel

Miranda Kennedy | Aug 23, 2006
The Taliban has regained a foothold in many parts of Afghanistan, and security has worsened. But amid the violence, a few determined investors have given life to Kabul's first luxury hotel — and a symbol of hope. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Time to redefine entitlements

| Aug 23, 2006
Commentator Steve Moore argues it's time to dust off the idea of replacing social security with private retirement accounts.

Californians movin' out

Jeff Tyler | Aug 23, 2006
It seems that "California Dreamin'" isn't quite as ideal as it used to be for many Americans. There's evidence that suggests people and businesses are headed out of state. Jeff Tyler has the story.

Housing market getting chilly

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 23, 2006
Yesterday Toll Brothers reported disappointing quarterly earnings. Stacey Vanek-Smith looks at what's next for luxury homebuilder and the US housing market.

Immigration lawsuit

Scott Jagow | Aug 23, 2006
Labor law expert Harley Shaiken weighs in on a lawsuit filed yesterday in California against employers who hire illegal immigrants.