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Big-screen Gore

Jane Lindholm | May 24, 2006
Paramount releases Al Gore's documentary about the dangers of global warming. Jane Lindholm looks at the studio's strategy to get it into theaters.

Will business swallow tough immigration laws?

Scott Tong | May 24, 2006
The Senate has added some tougher enforcement to its immigration bill, including a computerized tracking system and fines up to $20,000 per employee for companies that hire illegal immigrants. Will it work? Scott Tong reports.
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Butterflies in foreign markets

Stephen Beard | May 24, 2006
Investors all over the world are spooked. Today, European markets took a beating. Stephen Beard joins us from London to tell us what's happening.
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$400 million fine slapped on Fannie Mae

Kai Ryssdal | May 23, 2006
A scathing government report accuses Fannie Mae of "arrogant and unethical" financial practices. Host Kai Ryssdal asks Wall Street Journal reporter James R. Hagerty whether the company really needed to be cooking the books.
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A privatized guest worker program?

Hilary Wicai | May 23, 2006
Republican Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana is floating a proposal to establish a temporary worker program operated by private industry. His plan would require all applicants to leave the country. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Depends what you mean by 'gouged' . . .

| May 23, 2006
The FTC ruled that oil companies didn't manipulate the market after Hurricane Katrina. But it did find 15 situations that could be labeled as price gouging. Commentator and consumer advocate Jamie Court defines the term.
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Teaming up to beat the Mafia

| May 23, 2006
In Palermo, Sicily, business owners have had enough of the Mafia and are refusing to pay protection money. They are sticking together, believing there may be safety in numbers. Megan Williams reports.
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Vonage goes public Wednesday

Janet Babin | May 23, 2006
Internet phone service provider Vonage will price its initial public offering later today. And the company could use the cash, Janet Babin reports, as it faces growing competition in the VoIP (voice-over-Internet protocol) business.
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Hercules battles Wal-Mart

Lisa Napoli | May 23, 2006
The Hercules, Calif. City Council meets tonight to discuss using the power of eminent domain to seize 17 acres on which Wal-Mart intends to build a store. Lisa Napoli reports.

'Green chemistry' hitting the market

Sarah Gardner | May 23, 2006
Decades of toxic spills and pollution have caused a backlash against the notion that chemistry can improve daily life, but "green chemistry" is catching on — even in big business labs. Sarah Gardner reports.
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