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American Dream is dead

| Aug 31, 2006
The proverbial "American Dream" has it that anyone can achieve a better life through hard work and determination. But writer and commentator Clive Crook argues that meritocracy has long been dead in this country.

Targeting kids on BusRadio

| Aug 31, 2006
About half of children in the U.S. rely on buses to get to school. So a new company in Massachusetts is hoping to convert that daily commute into a lucrative marketing scheme. Producer Ian Gray brings us the story.

Lebanon's brain drain

| Aug 31, 2006
The latest fighting between Israel and Hezbollah has sent many Lebanese fleeing the country to seek a better life abroad — and they're not just white-collar professionals. Ben Gilbert reports.
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Bringing back The New Orleans Tribune

Brian Watt | Aug 31, 2006
Publisher Beverly McKenna of New Orleans' African American newspaper talks about the challenges of coming back after Katrina.

Andre Agassi's legacy

Brian Watt | Aug 31, 2006
Host Brian Watt and business of sports expert David Carter look at the legacy of Andre Agassi, both as tennis star and marketing icon.
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H&R Block pays price for risky lending

Bob Moon | Aug 31, 2006
Discount financial services provider H&R Block will report its quarterly earnings today. In the minus column: a $102 million loss for its home-lending business. Bob Moon reports.
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Immigration crackdown biting into apple industry?

| Aug 31, 2006
Washington is the nation's largest apple producer, and growers there are facing a labor shortage. Not enough workers to get the fruit off the trees. It could mean trouble for the billion-dollar industry. Jason Paur reports.

Retail sales figures out today

| Aug 31, 2006
Major retailers report their August sales figures today. Nancy Marshall Genzer tells us what to expect.
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California going greener

Jeff Tyler | Aug 31, 2006
A bill lands on the desk of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today requiring the Golden State to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Jeff Tyler reports.

Southwest to negotiate pilot contracts

Steve Tripoli | Aug 31, 2006
The low-cost carrier is one of the healthiest airlines fiscally, but it likely still needs to cut costs. Starting Friday it can amend its contract with pilots, but the talks may go smoothly. Steve Tripoli reports.