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A Survivor's Guide to Travel

| Dec 17, 2005
Don't let flight delays and weather woes derail your holiday trip. National Geographic ombudsman's Christopher Elliott tells Kai what to do when you're trapped in a travel nightmare.

Take Back Your Mailbox

| Dec 17, 2005
You come home to it every day -- piles of flyers, pamphlets and solicitations stuffing your mailbox. But there are ways to junk the junk mail. David Welch reports.

Rating Retirement Software

Bill Poorman | Dec 17, 2005
There are many retirement calculators out there -- some free, some expensive, some simple, some sophisticated. Which programs will help you retire and what programs should be retired? Bill Poorman reports.
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Google's march toward World Domination

Amy Scott | Dec 16, 2005
Google is buying a stake in AOL. Why would the world's hottest search engine want a piece of a stagnant online service? Amy Scott explains.

Brought to you by the symbols $ and ¢

Tess Vigeland | Dec 16, 2005
Entertainment companies and children's advocates have been at odds for a long time over children's programming, including how programming is used to market to children. Yesterday the two sides came together to make a deal. Tess Vigeland reports.

Hurricane relief? Don't bet on it.

| Dec 16, 2005
Gretchen Cook took a look at some businesses, including casinos, that feel they've been dealt a bad hand in the months following Hurricane Katrina.

Qualifying for debt forgiveness

Jeff Tyler | Dec 16, 2005
Next week, the IMF will approve or deny requests from several poor nations for debt cancellation. But as Jeff Tyler reports, some of the countries that won't get their loans cancelled should qualify for cancellation.
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Africa: Tend your own house

| Dec 16, 2005
At the WTO talks this week, many developing nations in Africa threatened to reject any deal that fails to protect their farms. Africa specialist and commentator Marian Tupy says Africa needs less internal protection, not more.
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One-stop shopping with David Johnson

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 16, 2005
Dallas stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson chatted with Kai about oil and gas prices, and all the odd year-end questions he gets from people who could really use an accountant. Congrats to David's graduated son!
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A revolutionary election in Bolivia?

Dan Grech | Dec 16, 2005
This weekend's election in South America's poorest country, Bolivia, is grabbing attention on Capitol Hill. From the Marketplace Americas Desk at WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech explains why.