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Legal immigration boom stressing UK

Stephen Beard | Jul 7, 2006
The British government has been accused of dramatically underestimating the scale of immigration into the UK as an influx of workers from Eastern Europe puts pressure on housing and public services. Stephen Beard reports.
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Altria's next move: Sell Kraft?

Lisa Napoli | Jul 7, 2006
With Thursday's Florida Supreme Court ruling, Philip Morris parent Altria may have new impetus to put the Marlboro maker and other brands on the sales block. Lisa Napoli reports.

New model for recording contracts

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jul 7, 2006
Record label EMI has teamed with a talent management agency to launch a new label that gives artists a percentage of sales rather than advanced payments upon signing. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains.

Job Files: Foot doctor

| Jul 7, 2006
Podiatrist Donna Landi invites us to walk a mile in her shoes treating feet in New York City.

Big win for big tobacco

Helen Palmer | Jul 6, 2006
Today, the Florida Supreme Court rejected a $145 billion award against tobacco companies. That decision could free them to do some corporate deal-making that wouldn't have been possible before. Helen Palmer reports.

An unlikely auto alliance

Amy Scott | Jul 6, 2006
Tomorrow GM's board meets to discuss a possible alliance with Nissan and Renault. GM CEO Rick Wagoner is reportedly opposed, but he's taking it seriously. That's more than you can say for some analysts. Amy Scott explains.

Guilt-by-name discrimination

Bob Moon | Jul 6, 2006
Thousands of cash transfers are being delayed or blocked by companies such as Western Union and MoneyGram — so that Muslim-sounding names can be checked for possible terror links on a government watch list. Bob Moon reports.

Fighting corruption in Iraq

| Jul 6, 2006
The Iraqi Ministry of Defense may be missing $1.2 billion due to fraud. Ben Gilbert follows one of the inspector generals tasked with tracking down the money and those responsible.
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How to strengthen shareholder democracy

| Jul 6, 2006
Commentator Ian Ayres says small shareholders who think their tiny piece of a company leaves them with little voting power could follow the example of <i>recent</i> Greece and use "deliberative polling."
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Aer Lingus going public

Jeff Tyler | Jul 6, 2006
The Irish parliament voted today to privatize its national airline. While US airlines are struggling, carriers abroad have been raking in the profits &mdash; especially Aer Lingus. So why let it go? Jeff Tyler reports.
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