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Doctors perform surgery.

Blueprint for safer surgery

Helen Palmer | Nov 9, 2006
The FDA has a new plan to improve safety monitoring for medical devices like pacemakers, defibrillators and those spring-like stents that pop arteries open during surgery. Helen Palmer reports.
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Zune challenges iPod with royalty deal

Janet Babin | Nov 9, 2006
Microsoft's new MP3 player debuts next week and with it comes an unprecedented agreement: Universal Music Group will get a small cut of every $250 Zune sold. What's in it for Microsoft? Janet Babin reports.
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Cold hard comedy

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 9, 2006
Comedies have become critical to studios' bottom lines. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks with Jon Gertner about his article on the economics of funny films for this weekend's New York Times Magazine.
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Iran moves into the information slow lane

Nancy Farghalli | Nov 9, 2006
Recently the Iranian government restricted use of high-speed Internet for residents there, and it's having a far-reaching effect. Nancy Farghalli explains.
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Middle-age career change

| Nov 9, 2006
A growing number of workers are opting to make major career changes later in life. Tom Kramer looks at what's driving these 40-somethings to start over.
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Why can't L.A. get a team?

| Nov 9, 2006
Host Mark Austin Thomas talks to business of sports expert David Carter about why pro football may never return to Los Angeles.
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Post-Rumsfeld defense spending

Scott Jagow | Nov 9, 2006
Host Scott Jagow asks the Financial Times' Dimitri Sevastapulo how a Democratic Congress and a new defense secretary will affect U.S. defense spending.
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Challenging K Street

Sam Eaton | Nov 9, 2006
With Democrats set to control the next Congress promising honesty and ethics, Sam Eaton looks at what's likely to happen to the K Street lobbying machine.
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Lame duck Congress

Diantha Parker | Nov 9, 2006
Congress is due back in Washington next week to finish up business they set aside to campaign, like the billions in appropriations that still need to be approved. But that may have to wait, Diantha Parker reports.
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A risky move for Microsoft?

Scott Jagow | Nov 9, 2006
Microsoft's Zune music player is due out next week. It'll sell for $250 — with a small cut to the record labels. Host Scott Jagow asks analyst Michael Gartenberg if that's smart business.
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