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Trends to watch in '07

Janet Babin | Jan 2, 2007
The Trends Research Institute has put out its annual forecast for expected developments in the year ahead. Janet Babin has details.

Oil settles in European trading

Stephen Beard | Jan 2, 2007
The price of oil fell below $61 a barrel in London following a relatively peaceful response to Saddam Hussein's execution in Iraq. But greater factors are at play, Stephen Beard reports.
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New flap over fois gras

Scott Jagow | Jan 2, 2007
A Spanish company has just won the fois gras industry's top award — without force-feeding the birds. But the French say that doesn't even count as fois gras.

2006 might be a tough act to follow

Amy Scott | Jan 1, 2007
For the stock market, 2006 turned out to be a very good year. But the deck might be stacked against that kind of performance in the coming year. Amy Scott reports.
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WSJ news: Cutting and posting

Alisa Roth | Jan 1, 2007
The Wall Street Journal is narrowing its newspaper pages to save $18 million in newsprint costs. It'll move more of its breaking news coverage online. Alisa Roth reports.
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Working the party

| Jan 1, 2007
For party planners like Justin Jones, the holidays are no time to kick back. Jones organizes over-the-top parties some of us get to enjoy — or at least read about.
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A tough roe to hoe

| Jan 1, 2007
The U.S. ban on caviar from the Black and Caspian seas continues to be a boom for American caviar — and a challenge for Midwestern roe fishermen. Mhari Saito reports.
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'Til debt do us part

Sean Cole | Jan 1, 2007
How much are you supposed to spend on wedding bands — the ones you exchange at the altar? We asked Sean Cole to walk down that aisle for us.
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Buying in a soft market

Janet Babin | Jan 1, 2007
According to some real estate experts, there's no better time than now to purchase a home. But a soft market doesn't necessarily make it a comfy one, as Janet Babin reports.
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Gazprom, Belarus close deal at last minute

| Jan 1, 2007
The long-running back and forth between Russia's gas giant Gazprom, and Belarus has ended. The two parties signed an agreement just hours before their deadline.From Budapest, Stefan Bos reports.
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