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Health rationing

| Feb 7, 2006
Soaring costs mean that the financial health of Medicare is deteriorating quickly. Commentator and health policy expert Jonathan Weiner says major surgery may be in order.
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Sirius piracy

| Feb 7, 2006
Howard Stern's moved to satellite radio, but he's not done dealing with the FCC. This time, though, he's asking for the agency's help. Cheryl Glaser speaks to LA Times reporter Dawn Chimelieswki about the story.

Mzoli's meat

Youth Radio | Feb 7, 2006
In South Africa, the government's economic empowerment policies are starting to show results. More young blacks are going to college, earning business and marketing degrees, and capitalizing on the drive toward "Black Economic Empowerment." So where does this up and coming black middle class go to spend its hard-earned cash? The hot spot in Cape Town is a butcher shop -- on the outskirts of the city. Youth Radio's Unathi Kondile reports.

Kicking the oil habit

| Feb 7, 2006
Commentator Vijay Vaitheeswaran argues that President Bush's call to end America's addiction to oil is a good start... but much more needs to be done.
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Haitian elections

| Feb 7, 2006
Reed Lindsay goes to the streets of Port au Prince to find out what economic issues are foremost in voters' minds ahead of today's presidential election in Haiti.

'Frankenfoods' ruling

Helen Palmer | Feb 7, 2006
The World Trade Organization is expected to rule today on a dispute between Europe and the US over genetically modified foods. Helen Palmer looks at what's at stake.
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Lawmakers take up the budget

| Feb 7, 2006
Today, President Bush's budget proposal lands in Congress, where both the House and Senate have scheduled committee hearings to consider it. Eric Niiler has more on how the debate over the President's spending priorities is shaping up.
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Manipulating Google

Janet Babin | Feb 7, 2006
The search engine has banned BMW's German Web site over charges that it attempted to manipulate its search ranking. Janet Babin has more.

AIG settlement

Bob Moon | Feb 7, 2006
The insurance giant is expected to pay $1.5 billion to federal regulators to settle charges of deceptive accounting. Bob Moon has more.

Gulf drilling

Sam Eaton | Feb 7, 2006
Lawmarkers could introduce new legislation as early as today to open the waters off Florida's Gulf Coast to oil drilling. Sam Eaton has more.