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Restructuring Intel

| Apr 28, 2006
After posting disappointing earnings, Intel Inc. announced a massive restructuring Thursday. As Rachel Dornhelm reports, the company is hoping to trim $1 billion in cost.

Tax cuts in limbo

John Dimsdale | Apr 28, 2006
Leaders from the House and Senate are discussing a new round of tax cuts and a provision to shield middle class Americans from a tax originally intended for the wealthy. John Dimsdale reports.

Bush and the Big Three

Bob Moon | Apr 28, 2006
President Bush is expected to meet with the heads of the Big Three automakers next month. Bob Moon has a preview of what they're expected to talk about.

Obesity fight goes high-tech

Stacey Vanek Smith | Apr 28, 2006
The biotech sector is working on electronic devices to curb obesity, including a so-called "gastric pacemaker" that tricks the stomach into thinking it's full. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Job Files: Trailer park manager

| Apr 28, 2006
This installment of The Job Files looks at Kenneth Grindell, manager of the Shady Dell Vintage RV Park in Bisbee, Ariz.

Traveling this summer?

Scott Tong | Apr 28, 2006
Get ready for some waiting. The planes are fuller and airports may not have enough security screeners. Feds are trying to solve the problem, Scott Tong reports.

A different Dubai deal

Scott Tong | Apr 28, 2006
Another White House deal with a Dubai company. Last time it was ports and congressional heat burned it. This time it's a maker of parts for US tanks and military planes. Scott Tong reports the word from the administration: This one's different.

$100 rebates! Suspend the gas tax!

Hilary Wicai | Apr 27, 2006
As the public grows more uneasy about rising gasoline prices, Republicans and Democrats are scrambling to out-press conference each other and minimize the political damage. Will it do you any good at the pump? Hillary Wicai reports.

Russia's building a petro-based empire

| Apr 27, 2006
Russia has been nationalizing its petroleum industry for the past year and now it's looking for more. Vladimir Putin today hailed a deal with Germany and as Alasdair Sandford reports, Russia doesn't plan to stop there.
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Military payroll problems

Scott Tong | Apr 27, 2006
The US military has a payroll problem. Turns out that some injured soldiers have gotten overpaid, and then received debt collection notices from the government months later. Scott Tong reports.