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Inflation rears its ugly head

Tess Vigeland | Jul 19, 2006
Earlier this year, inflation seemed mostly limited to the gas pump, but now higher prices are showing up elsewhere. The core consumer price index and core inflation rate are on the rise.
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Government workers abused Smart Pay

Scott Tong | Jul 19, 2006
It wasn't just everyday citizens taking advantage of disaster relief chaos in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Now auditors report tales of wasteful spending by Homeland Security workers. Scott Tong reports.
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Allergy-friendly hotel rooms

Janet Babin | Jul 19, 2006
Some hoteliers are experimenting with hypoallergenic rooms for sensitive guests. Janet Babin reports.

Considering sunset commissions

John Dimsdale | Jul 19, 2006
House lawmakers today consider a proposal to create independent commissions to review spending programs for waste and possible termination. John Dimsdale reports.
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Identity theft rules

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Jul 19, 2006
Federal regulators are proposing new rules that require banks to draft plans to prevent identity theft. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

BP shuts down more Alaskan oil wells

Stephen Beard | Jul 19, 2006
British oil giant BP appears to have sprung a leak in more ways than one. The company is shutting down even more wells in Alaska after whistleblowers contacted the Financial Times. Stephen Beard reports.
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Corona's new distribution deal

| Jul 19, 2006
Corona is America's No. 1 imported beer. Tuesday its brewer announced a shakeup in how it's distributed in the US. Franc Contreras reports from Mexico City.
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Back-to-school costs

Jane Lindholm | Jul 19, 2006
A new survey finds that American families will be spending more on back-to-school items than ever. Jane Lindholm reports.

Instant profit, possible felony

Scott Tong | Jul 18, 2006
Federal regulators plan to take legal action soon against several companies accused of backdating stock options. It's a widening scandal that may affect hundreds of companies. Scott Tong explains.
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Immigrants, uninsured not flooding ERs

Helen Palmer | Jul 18, 2006
A new study dispels the commonly-held belief that immigrants use emergency room services more than other groups. Helen Palmer has the story.
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