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Movie theaters being Left Behind

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Oct 21, 2005
The third installment in the Rapture-based <em>Left Behind</em> Christian movie series opens today nationwide. But you wont find it at the local multiplex. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains.

The national report card

Sarah Gardner | Oct 21, 2005
Federal education officials have released the results of the first "Nation's Report Card" study done since implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act. Sarah Gardner reports.

Making more Tamiflu

Stephen Beard | Oct 21, 2005
Demand for the medicine Tamiflu has soared upon fears of a bird flu pandemic. The Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche has asked other companies to help in the manufacture its drug. Stephen Beard reports.

Beating gas prices

Amy Scott | Oct 20, 2005
Southwest Airlines said today it nearly doubled its earnings in Q3, in large part because of what the low-cost carrier is spending to fill up its planes. But Amy Scott reports that it can't last.

A diabetes treatment: worth the risk?

| Oct 20, 2005
Merck and Bristol Myers-Squibb have developed a new diabetes drug, Pargluva. Last month, an FDA panel recommended approval. But it seems it can double the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Cheryl Glaser has more.
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Medicaid changes in Florida

Hilary Wicai | Oct 20, 2005
Washington has approved sweeping changes to Florida's Medicaid plans. State and federal officials are hoping to make the program "more sustainable." Critics say that means less care. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Welfare reform back in play

John Dimsdale | Oct 20, 2005
Congress is considering a bill to extend the welfare reforms signed into law 10 years ago. Plus add a few more of its own. Marketplace's John Dimsdale has that story.

How to grade teachers

Sarah Gardner | Oct 20, 2005
In two weeks Denver residents will vote on a property tax increase that would fund a new payment plan for teachers; their salaries could soon be linked to student performance. Sarah Gardner reports.

Flexing Indian immigrant muscle

Miranda Kennedy | Oct 20, 2005
America's Indian immigrants report household incomes 50% higher than the US national average. Now they're leveraging that wealth into political influence by getting back to the grassroots. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Where the money is

| Oct 20, 2005
Citigroup, JP Morgan, Wachovia, Wells Fargo and Bank of America have all reported hefty quarterly profits this week. But writer and commentator David Wells says some banks see consumers as the big cash cow.



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