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DeBeers to call for 'blood diamond' crackdown

| Nov 6, 2006
The world's largest diamond trader will reportedly join a delegation of human rights organizations calling for a crackdown on trade in blood diamonds. And it could have a lot to do with the Leonardo DiCaprio film hitting theaters next month.
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Counting the electronic vote

Hilary Wicai | Nov 6, 2006
The federal government has spent billions to upgrade the nation's voting systems, but the new electronic voting machines are not without glitches. Hillary Wicai reports.

Disney closing in on cable deal

Janet Babin | Nov 6, 2006
The Mouse House is reportedly close to wrapping up multi-year negotiations with Comcast and Time Warner over billions in licensing fees. Janet Babin reports.
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Sour lemons

Rachel Dornhelm | Nov 6, 2006
U.S. trade officials today launch an investigation into alleged dumping of lemons from Argentina and Mexico into American markets. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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This week in business historopoly

Stacey Vanek Smith | Nov 6, 2006
Stacey Vanek-Smith takes us back to 1935 for the birth of a game that can make you rich and powerful or send you to jail — directly to jail.

Extending Kyoto

Sarah Gardner | Nov 6, 2006
The UN's annual climate change conference begins today in Nairobi. On the agenda is a proposal to expand market mechanisms to encourage developing countries to adopt clean energy technologies. Sarah Gardner reports.

Housing market winners and losers

| Nov 3, 2006
In September, new home prices fell by the greatest amount in 35 years. So what's the outlook for employers who bank on a soaring housing market? Diantha Parker reports.
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Daycare dilemma

| Nov 3, 2006
Raising a family often means asking tough questions at work. Like, can I have a raise to pay for daycare? Hillary Wicai reports.
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Battle over insurance scoring

| Nov 3, 2006
Next week, Oregon voters will decide if insurance companies can factor credit scores into their rate calculations. It's the first ballot measure of its kind in the nation. Ann Dornfeld reports.

The election and the market

| Nov 3, 2006
Defense stocks do better under a Republican-controlled Congress. Alternative energy stocks gain power when the Democrats have power. That's the conventional wisdom, but is it true? Kai asks political analyst Charles Gabriel.