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Happiest wireless place on Earth

Lisa Napoli | Jun 29, 2006
The city of Anaheim, home to Disneyland and other attractions, will launch citywide wireless Internet capability today. It's a trial run in efforts to bring Wi-Fi to bigger cities, Lisa Napoli reports.
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Rush to refinance student loans

Stacey Vanek Smith | Jun 29, 2006
Students and their parents are rushing to refinance student loans before an interest rate increase takes effect this weekend. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Farewell to Japan's Junichiro Koizumi

Jocelyn Ford | Jun 29, 2006
President Bush hosts a farewell summit today for Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi, who steps down in a couple months. Jocelyn Ford has more on the Japanese leader's legacy.
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Tenet's $700 million settlement

Amy Scott | Jun 29, 2006
Hospital chain Tenet was accused of scamming the Medicare system and consequently the nation's older folks. Today, the company agreed to pay more than $700 million to settle the allegations. Amy Scott reports.
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Free trade impasse at WTO

Steve Tripoli | Jun 29, 2006
Trade officials from around the world gather in Geneva today to try to restart stalled trade negotiations. Steve Tripoli reports.
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USPS joins forces with rival UPS

Amy Scott | Jun 28, 2006
UPS announced today it has won a contract to fly priority and first-class US mail on its airplanes, a deal that could spell trouble for FedEx — and passenger airlines. Amy Scott reports.

Broken (merger) record

Bob Moon | Jun 28, 2006
There's been a big music business merger in the works for years — but Warner Music and EMI can't agree which company will buy out the other. Bob Moon has the story.

New welfare work rules

Hilary Wicai | Jun 28, 2006
The Department of Health and Human Services announces new welfare to work rules today. The move may force thousands of people off of welfare rolls. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Introducing the pimp tax

Scott Tong | Jun 28, 2006
The Senate Finance Committee holds hearings today on whether pimps should be forced to pay taxes for their ill-gotten gains, as Congress takes a page from the Elliott Ness playbook to deal with prostitution. Scott Tong reports.
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World free trade talks

Stephen Beard | Jun 28, 2006
Government ministers gather in Geneva tomorrow for a last ditch effort to save the Doha round of global trade talks. If the talks fail, the economic consequences could be dire. Stephen Beard reports.
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