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YouTube to go?

Jeff Tyler | Nov 7, 2006
Verizon is negotiating to deliver videos from the popular YouTube site directly to your cell phone. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Buy! Sell! Merge!

Steve Tripoli | Nov 6, 2006
There was a mergers and acquisitions spending spree on Wall Street today, but are regular shareholders missing the party? Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace reporter Steve Tripoli who's been following the action.
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Google takes advertising offline

Jeff Tyler | Nov 6, 2006
Could Google actually rescue the struggling newspaper industry? The search giant is testing a new service that would put its online advertisers in print. Jeff Tyler reports.

Bush cites oil as reason to stay in Iraq

John Dimsdale | Nov 6, 2006
The President's weekend stump speech in Colorado marked a major change for an administration that has meticulously avoided any link between oil and the war in Iraq. John Dimsdale reports.

A new class warfare

| Nov 6, 2006
Eliot Spitzer is an aristocrat by birth, but he's made a name for himself by turning against the ultra-wealthy. Watch for imitators if he wins the New York governor's race, says commentator Matt Miller.

Pollsters hanging up their headsets

| Nov 6, 2006
There are almost 150 million phone numbers on the National Do Not Call registry. That's sent a lot of pollsters to the Internet — but how accurate are online surveys? Sally Herships has the stats on market research.

Low expectations for climate talks

Sam Eaton | Nov 6, 2006
Thousands of delegates from around the world have gathered in Kenya to discuss future steps to fight the effects of climate change. But experts don't anticipate any big breakthroughs, Sam Eaton reports.

Wielding energy for political gain

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 6, 2006
Russia says it needs to double the price Georgia pays for natural gas. Georgia says it's being punished for friendly relations with the West. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to analyst Clifford Kupchan about Russia's energy superpower position.
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Free candy in every pot

Rico Gagliano | Nov 6, 2006
Or demon propaganda. Election ads for those controversial state propositions can be confusing, and, well, perhaps excessive in their descriptions. The Marketplace Players demonstrate . . .

Sloan Sessions: Hertz IPO

Scott Jagow | Nov 6, 2006
Host Scott Jagow and Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan look at the factors behind the likely success of the upcoming Hertz IPO.
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