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Kings of convenience

Andrea Gardner | Feb 23, 2006
Andrea Gardner reports on Famima, a Japanese company that's out to give the mini-mart a makeover.

Tehran's new oil exchange

Stephen Beard | Feb 23, 2006
Analysts in London have spotted a curious development: A plan to launch a new oil exchange in Teheran. They say the Iranians are trying to develop a financial weapon. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Step away from the BlackBerry...

| Feb 23, 2006
A federal judge is set to decide tomorrow whether a patent lawsuit against the company that makes Blackberries should go forward. Worst case, if you're a user, is that the judge could shut down sales and service of Blackberries in the US. For commentator JD Samant, that might not be such a bad thing.

Farrell on the Fed

Brian Watt | Feb 23, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell tells Brian Watt that in some respects, new Fed chief Ben Bernanke is a refreshing change of pace compared to Alan Greenspan.
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NFL negotiations

Tess Vigeland | Feb 23, 2006
The NFL's collective bargaining agreement with its players doesn't expire for another year. But as Business of Sports commentator David Carter tells Tess Vigeland, both sides are already honing their positions.
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The convenience curve

Lisa Napoli | Feb 23, 2006
As consumers, we can get our lettuce pre-washed, our carrots pre-peeled, and now Sunkist is giving us pre-sliced oranges. What's next in our mad dash for convenience? Lisa Napoli takes a look.

Hunger report

Hilary Wicai | Feb 23, 2006
A report out today says that 25 million Americans use some kind of food assistance, up 8% from 2001. From the Work and Family Desk, Hillary Wicai reports.
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Lead paint verdict

Sam Eaton | Feb 23, 2006
A Rhode Island jury has found three makers of lead-based paint liable for millions of dollars in cleanup costs. As Sam Eaton reports from the Sustainability Desk, the verdict opens up the possibility that other states will follow suit.
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Union vacation

Stacey Vanek Smith | Feb 23, 2006
The nation's largest public employees union has launched a novel program to recruit union organizers: Convince college students to spend spring break training in Detroit, Albany, or Oakland. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Fox's mini-network

Janet Babin | Feb 23, 2006
Fox's parent company, News Corporation, is launching a new mini-network on TV stations leftover from the UPN/WB merger. Janet Babin has the details.