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Cycling reels from doping scandals

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 3, 2006
As Tour de France winner Floyd Landis waits to find out if he'll be stripped of his title, host Kai Ryssdal talks with business of sports analyst Diana Nyad about whether sports can win the battle against doping.
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Airline profits flying high

Scott Jagow | Aug 3, 2006
The airline industry is making a comeback. With the big legacy carriers posting second quarter profits, host Scott Jagow talks to aviation expert Richard Gritta about what they're doing right.

Fall of Landis

| Aug 3, 2006
Host Mark Austin Thomas and business of sports expert David Carter examine the fallout from news that Tour de France champion Floyd Landis may have taken a banned substance.
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High demand doesn't equal high profits

Amy Scott | Aug 3, 2006
As searing heat continues over the eastern half of the country today, Amy Scott looks at the question of whether utilities are making a windfall off all the extra energy use.

Jaguar for sale?

Stephen Beard | Aug 3, 2006
Speculation is growing in the UK that Ford may put its luxury sports car company Jaguar up for sale. From London, Stephen Beard has the story.
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Sprint-Nextel anniversary

Lisa Napoli | Aug 3, 2006
Nearly a year into the marriage of the two telecom giants, Lisa Napoli takes a look at the state of the union.

Pesticide debate

Sam Eaton | Aug 3, 2006
The EPA has until today to complete a review over the use of controversial pesticides banned in other countries. Sam Eaton looks at who stands to benefit if the agency approves the chemicals.

Rabbit redux

Andrea Gardner | Aug 3, 2006
VW's first post-Beetle model makes a comeback. Will it hit the ground running in the affordable car market? Andrea Gardner reports.

Vista woes

| Aug 3, 2006
More bad news for Microsoft: A survey out yesterday finds most businesses will delay purchasing the company's new Vista operating system for at least a year. Jason Paur reports.
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India's electronic junk market

Miranda Kennedy | Aug 3, 2006
A new report says 70 percent of old computer equipment in the US and Europe winds up in New Delhi. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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