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Holiday IPO rush

Alisa Roth | Dec 12, 2006
Wall Street's prepping for the winter holidays just like the rest of us and that means a last-minute IPO blitz while everyone's still around. Alisa Roth explains.
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A lump of coal for LCD makers

Scott Jagow | Dec 12, 2006
Officials in Japan today said they're investigating Samsung and Philips, the two biggest LCD companies, for possible price-fixing. Anna Fifield is covering the story for the Financial Times.
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Mexico contemplates new sin taxes

Dan Grech | Dec 12, 2006
Production at Mexico's main oil field is down 15 percent this year alone and that's left world's No. 5 oil producer looking for new ways to raise money. Dan Grech reports.
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DP World selling U.S. assets to AIG

Amy Scott | Dec 11, 2006
Following post-9/11 security controversy with Congress earlier this year, the Dubai-owned company hands over its assets to American insurance giant AIG for an estimated $700 million. Amy Scott reports.
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Oil money flowing out of dollars

Sam Eaton | Dec 11, 2006
A report released today says foreign oil-producing companies concerned about extra U.S. scrutiny are replacing dollars with euros and yen. Sam Eaton takes a look at what that might mean for the greenback.
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Shell reportedly turns over control to Gazprom

Stephen Beard | Dec 11, 2006
There are reports that Shell has given in to pressure from the Kremlin and offered to give up control of its $22 billion Sakhalin 2 natural gas project to Russia's Gazprom. Stephen Beard reports.
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U.S. should enlist Libya's help

| Dec 11, 2006
Commentator Benjamin Barber has a proposal to simplify America's energy problems. After meeting with Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi, he came away thinking we might just be able to make a deal.
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Looking only for results

| Dec 11, 2006
At its headquarters, Best Buy is editing the word "schedule" from its vocabulary in a quest for worker satisfaction. Annie Baxter reports.
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SEC changing auditing standards

John Dimsdale | Dec 11, 2006
Smaller publicly-owned companies that have complained about current corporate governance rules get a crack at regulatory relief on Wednesday when the Securities and Exchange Commission meets to consider changes. John Dimsdale reports.

Gears turn slowly for banks in China

Scott Tong | Dec 11, 2006
When China joined the World Trade Organization five years ago, Beijing agreed to open its banking industry to foreign competition. But Western banks complain it's moving at a grinding pace. Scott Tong reports.