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Little left: Air America seeks Chapter 11

Janet Babin | Oct 13, 2006
Air America Radio, the liberal talk and news network, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The network said it will stay on the air while it resolves issues with its creditors. Janet Babin reports.

Is it UTube or YouTube?

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 13, 2006, a website for used tubes and pipes, has been swamped with visitors confusing it with the online video site Kai Ryssdal talks with the owner of Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment.

Satisfying Mexpats' taste for home

Dan Grech | Oct 13, 2006
Mexico is home to half a million Americans, and specialty food stores there cater to their every craving. Just don't look at the price tag. Dan Grech reports.
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Week on Wall Street

| Oct 13, 2006
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson chats with Kai Ryssdal about what happened on Wall Street this week and what may lie ahead.
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Sportingbet goes all in — for $1

Eleanor Beardsley | Oct 13, 2006
British-based online gaming company got dealt too many bad hands, especially when Congress made it illegal for banks and credit-card companies to accept payment from online gambling sites. Eleanor Beardsley reports.
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The drugs ads we <em>need</em> to see

| Oct 13, 2006
New drugs on the market treat addictions for heroin, alcohol and tobacco. But doctor and commentator Stefan Kertesz says there's a reason we're not hearing about them.
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Hollywood's got religion (In theaters, on DVD)

| Oct 13, 2006
Production of faith-based films is growing in Hollywood. Movies with biblical and moral themes are seeking to tap into an audience discovered by the success of "Passion of the Christ." Diantha Parker reports.

Small business, big downside

Bob Moon | Oct 13, 2006
Small businesses are behind the job boom in the United States, but the workforce driving it faces an unhealthy dilemma. Bob Moon reports.
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Drought forces farmers to labor markets

Jocelyn Ford | Oct 13, 2006
In the wake of a severe drought that's destroyed the area's crops, farmers in southwest China are desperate to find work that will take them through the winter. Jocelyn Ford has the story.
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It's gourmet baby

Lisa Napoli | Oct 13, 2006
These days parents are shelling out more than $3 a jar for pesto pasta, quinoa and other gourmet fare for baby. Lisa Napoli takes a look at the growing business.
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