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$100 million for the brain

Helen Palmer | Mar 9, 2007
The Broad Institute will receive $100 million — the biggest award ever given for psychiatric disease research — to analyze thousands of genetic samples from people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
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Airbus down, but not out

Scott Jagow | Mar 9, 2007
British Airways wants to replace its long-haul jets and although the airline currently uses Boeing planes, it'll give struggling Airbus a chance to compete for the contract.
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Mutiny in South America?

Dan Grech | Mar 9, 2007
Uruguay is next on the President's tour of Latin America. Bush will push for deeper trade ties with the tiny nation that's threatening to pull away from Brazil and Argentina in a show of diplomatic muscle.
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SEC, London have an exchange

Stephen Beard | Mar 9, 2007
An SEC commissioner's remarks have riled up London's financial community — and the Brits are firing back. Roel Campos reportedly likened London's alternative market to a casino.
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Market's turn is good for housing

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Mar 8, 2007
On Wall Street, today was a day to celebrate the bounce. It's been a rough week or so in stocks, but as Ashley Milne-Tyte reports, at least one part of the economy's come out ahead.

Democrats move to Plan B on Iraq

Hilary Wicai | Mar 8, 2007
Congressional Democrats have moved to a new plan in their attempt to stop the war in Iraq: A series of deadlines that'll be attached to the president's emergency budget request. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Environmental group enlists green advice

Sam Eaton | Mar 8, 2007
The Environmental Defense Fund has hired an investment bank to advise it on the terms of the $42 billion buyout of Texas energy giant TXU that it engineered. Sam Eaton reports.

Wikipedia for search? You can look it up

| Mar 8, 2007
Wikipedia, the online group-edited encyclopedia, is getting into the search-engine buisness. Its search will use the same collective process, but for profit. Pat Loeb reports.

Bush's Brazil agenda

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 8, 2007
As part of President Bush's stop in Brazil, he's touring a biofuel plant and meeting with President Lula da Silva. Riordan Roett, a Latin American policy expert, talks with Kai Ryssdal about the visit.
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A sour sugar lobby

| Mar 8, 2007
American sugar producers aren't too sweet on this year's farm bill, which contains proposed subsidies being pushed by the candy industry. Stuart Cohen reports.