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U.S. airlines exempt from carbon trading

Stephen Beard | Dec 19, 2006
The EU has altered its new carbon emission restrictions to affect only flights within Europe — at least initially. But as U.S. airlines could be missing out. Stephen Beard explains.
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AT&T, Bell South merger delayed

Dan Grech | Dec 19, 2006
The merger has one regulatory hurdle left: FCC approval. Late yesterday that hurdle got higher when FCC member Robert McDowell decided to abstain because he used to work as a telecom lobbyist. Dan Grech reports.
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Can controversy save Berlin's opera?

Ethan Lindsey | Dec 19, 2006
Berlin's opera house was packed last night for the long-awaited "Idomeneo." It was canceled in September after threats from Islamic fundamentalists, but all the extra publicity could help bring back some much-needed funding, Ethan Lindsey reports.
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Seems everybody's a buyout target

Steve Tripoli | Dec 18, 2006
A new wave of merger and acquisition announcements has been going on for months now, from biotech firms to auto parts makers. Steve Tripoli reports the shopping spree might go right past Christmas.

Caremark gets another offer to consider

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 18, 2006
The proposed deal would unite the country's second- and third-largest pharmacy benefit managers. But some say the offer from Express Scripts could make regulators nervous.
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New rules could hurt small drug stores

Dan Grech | Dec 18, 2006
The Bush administration today recalculated what price Medicaid pays pharmacies for prescription drugs. The measure could put a squeeze on small retail pharmacies. Dan Grech reports.

Verizon invests in a bigger pipe

Janet Babin | Dec 18, 2006
The distance that separates China and the U.S. might soon feel a bit shorter. Verizon and some partners are planning a new undersea fiber optic cable connection. Janet Babin has more.
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Bringing in the outdoors and the green

Sam Eaton | Dec 18, 2006
The forest greens business is the half-billion-dollar industry that brings you that Christmas wreath on your door. And its roots are in a largely underground economy. Sam Eaton reports.
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Think outside the box

| Dec 18, 2006
If you're looking for holiday gift-wrapping ideas, Richard Conniff suggests taking your cues from the insect world.

Trams come back to France

| Dec 18, 2006
Trams are making a comeback in a dozen towns across France. The first new line opened in Paris over the weekend.
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